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DIY Snickers Tree Centerpiece


Here is how to make a DIY Snickers tree centerpiece!The joy of parties is munching on the goodies, especially when they are packaged in a fun way. That’s what attracted me to this idea when I saw it at a candy store in NYC. Each little nugget of sweetness is simply pinned to a foam base. Each to grab and eat, and easy to replenish!DIY Snickers tree centerpiece
 This is an AWESOME treat to make for the holidays because not only does it look cool and fancy a as a centerpiece decoration, but it also it totally there as a nibble fest! Each candy is pinned into the foam by the end of the package, so all you have to do is remove one to eat it. 

Supplies for the DIY Snickers tree centerpiece:
Gold-colored and other assorted acrylic paints and paint brush
Ribbon and hot glue gun
1 foam topiary tree, 18 inches tall
1 6-inch flowerpot
2 large bags of wrapped candies with sealed edges
1 box of straight pins
Wood, cardboard or papier-mache star


Paint the flowerpot in desired colors and trim the lip with ribbon, using the hot glue. Crumple half a sheet of newspaper and place it at the bottom of the flowerpot. Paint the topiary gold or other preferred color.

When dry, insert it into the pot until it fits snuggly. Begin attaching the candies in rows around the bottom of the tree by poking a pin through the wrapper’s edge and pressing it into the foam. Continue to fill the tree working in rows from the bottom up. Fill the base of the tree with candy in the same manner. Paint and decorate the star, adhere the toothpick with glue, and attach to the top of the tree.

Variations: Use other candies, such as peppermint twists or toffees. Instead of a flowerpot, use coffee cups or other types of containers. To give as a gift, wrap the tree in cellophane and add a bow.

Thanks for checking out my DIY Snickers Tree post!

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