Hola. Mucho Gusto.

I’ve been a total lurker of other people’s blogs for quite some time, but never felt compelled to start my own. Until now. Here goes!

Here is my 411 –

first thing you should know – i ditched typing class in high school. i didn’t know then how much i would need to learn how to type. now i’m ajournalist and i type with my two fingers. i have bad habit of puttin gth elas tlette ronto the next word.

It’ embarassing because when i want to say “it’s exciting”, sometimes it comes out like “it sexciting!”

anyways, you’ll see mucho typos in my posts, just deal with it please. you’ll get used to it!

I’m a wife (14 yrs) and mom (DeAngelo, 13 and Maya,10).

DeAngelo is not into art or music like me or Patrick. Instead he is into all kinds of anime movies and comics. That can be scary because sometimes they are WAY over his head and age range. i know this because when I was in NYC recently i went into a comic book store and bought him a book about a teenager who wanted to be a rock star.

I brought it home and Deangelo was so excited! The next day he came up to me and goes,

“Mommy, thanks for the book, it was really interesting. The only weird thing is it has a lot of guys kissing eachother in it.”

“Oh my God,” thought. “I just bought my little boy a gay anime book by accident!”.

Needless to say, I play close attention now, and take nothing for granted!

Maya is into all things glittery like me. She is 10 and gets goosebumps when she listens to Rufus Wainright. her favorite movies are Moulin Rouge and Calamity Jane. She had a slumber party last spring for her 10th birthday and she pulled out Funny Girl for all the girls to watch. Luckily I caught her in time and suggested she show How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days instead. I swear i saved her a few stares and whispers from the playground. She is like my little personal assitant. She goes with me to all my signings and workshops and instructs people, writes thing sonthe dry erase board and collects the money. She rocks. i told her someday I will be HER p.a. I recently finsihed a craft book on for the tween market and Maya helped me with it. She has so many great ideas, it freaks me out!

I work full time as an entertainment reporter and craft columnist for the Arizona Republic. I love it so much and can’t believe I get paid to watch movies and do art stuff. I started as a clerk there and worked my way up. They sent me to school, I got my degree and they made me a reporter. You will never hear me complain about my day job!

I also run an online art biz with my hubby, Patrick. We started as bohemian reggae people who got a crash course in reality when we got pregnant. Instead of going off to separate jobs, we did art work and pitched it to indie stores. We landed a sales rep for our work and the rest is history. Patrick does the orders FT, as well as heading up his Latin-flavored reggae band, The Rastafarmers.

When I’m not in the art studio, at work or whining over doing the laundry, I author craft books.

On top of all this, we were seriously thinking of having one more baby, so to ease our minds, we instead got two adorable chihuahuas, Ozzy and Bianca. Good move!

After renting houses for what felt like forever, we bought our house four years ago. It’s 25 years old and we bought it from the orignal owners. they kept it in pristine condition. Their kids were all grown and out of the house and it was so sweet seeing this elderly couple live happily in this house. They didn’t even have a tv set and everything was painted brown. They traveled all over the world together and had pictures of their trips all over the house. When they weren’t out, they just read and talked on their two lazy boy chairs. They had a huge Palo Verde tree in the frontyard that was planted when they moved in.

We moved in and painted the living room purple, the entry way marigold yellow and the kitchen teal. Last month the Palo verde tree fell over in the yard and we had it chopped up and hauled away. It wasn’t even windy when it fell! Go figure. So now we are the weird family on the block. Whatever!

OK, that’s the stuff I like. Somewhere in all of that I have to get the housework and laundry done. I *hate* domestic stuff. But just because I’m a female and come from a Hispanic background, it’s been carved in my brain that I have toknow how to cook a killer batch of beans and rice in order to be a alpha female success.

But being the positive person I am, I try. I really do. I use that time to brainstorm on new ideas for work, or my art or my family.

I’m currently on the Atkins diet. That needs no explanation.

Ok, that’s my intro. I have so many responsibilities right now that I shouldn’t even be writing this! But this is my Q-time, so here I am.

* All content/photos copyright, © Kathy Cano-Murillo, 2008.

Love & light,

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