Hapless hijack

A couple weeks ago one of the store owners that we sell our art to, told me about these fabulous cabinets she purchased, thinking that I could paint them. She was so excited for me to get started!

We had talked for months about starting an informal partnership of having me paint furniture for her that she could display and sell in her store. These cabinets she scored a great deal on were to be the first set. I was amped up because I’ve been looking for a great outlet to sell my painted furniture and her store is the perfect place! It’s a trendy boutique that features handmade jewelry and accessories from national and international artists. When you walk through the doorway, a yummy sweet scent floats through the air while dreamy Putomayo music plays in the background. The vibe just makes you want to relax and splurge.

So I didn’t give her request a second thought, I LOVE to paint furniture. I’ve painted everything from TV trays to barstools to old book shelves and coffee tables. Once it’s painted and varnished it looks very high end. All in a day’s work!

Last night she and her husband brought the pieces over to my house. We went to the truck to unload them… no biggie. Her husband pulled the first one down and set it on the driveway.

I got goosebumps all over my body and i was literally speechless.

Then he unloaded an even bigger piece and set it down too.

They were soooo cool! Made from cedar, they were chunky Mexican cabinets with all kinds of thick borders and rustic hardware on them. One of them was a tall skinny bookshelf with a wood arch over the top.

“Oh! I can I buy these from you?” I said eagerly.

This nice lady who is usually always smiling, gave me a deadpan look.

“Huh?”, she said.

I was so serious. They were so cool and I *really* wanted them, and I didn’t want to paint them because they look so lovely just as they are. They match my living room just perfect!

I could tell I really threw she and her husband for a loop. They looked at me like I had just sneezed in the punch bowl. So I told her to think about it and call me later. She was like, “Um, yah, OK…”

They brought the pieces in our house. Her husband set one of them in a corner in our entryway. I swear it looked like it was meant to be there. She and her husband were very sweet and said thank you, we’ll call you, etc. But underneath, there was a feeling like I was an off-colored babysitter that they were scared to leave their only child with.

Right after they left, I was just about to start putting our picture frames and accessories on the cabinets, but Patrick stopped me.

“I think you just hijacked that lady’s merchandise…”, he said. “I think you should be professional, paint them for her and then we’ll go look at the Mexican import store for other pieces like that. It just doesn’t feel right like this.”

My mom-in-law was there too.

“Those are nice, you should keep them.”, she said.

Great minds think alike!

So now I’m waiting for the store owner to call me back. I think i should apologize for my pushiness. i can’t help it. I get really excited and force things to go my way. It’s not cool sometimes, and I recognize that (after the fact).

Even though I love the pieces and want them more than a week’s worth of gorceries for the kids, I have to admit, I do feel a little bit hillbilly about it. Today I’m going to check out some import stores and see if I can find similiar pieces so i can be professional and (sniff)paint hers.

Inside I’m still torn, because these cabinets are so gorgeous just in wood. Once they get painted, they can never go back to raw wood.

Oh the pain in my heart right now!! OK, what would you do?

* All content/photos copyright, © Kathy Cano-Murillo, 2008.

Love & light,

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