My adventures at The Omega Institute: Part 1

Last January I got an email from a program director from The Omega Institute of Holistic Studies about teaching a five day workshop at their campus in Rhinebeck, NY. I get so many kinds of emails, it didn’t really sink in what it was all about.

I responded but didn’t yet fill out the huge proposal packet she sent me. Finally I checked out the web site and was really impressed. People like Jane Fonda and Ralph Nadar teach there! So I hustled and sent it in, just in time. My class was set for September 15-19, 2003.

I read up on Omega and kinda figured it to be a healthy new-agey kind of retreat. The pictures in the catalog showed people meditating, doing yoga and singing. Um, this is so not me.

Luckily I talked my husband, Patrick, into going with me. I’m so glad I did! You see by day I’m an entertainment reporter and my whole life bounces between seeing movies, working in the art studio (while watching movies) and the kids. So when we got to Omega, we were horrified to realize there were no tvs, radios, magazines or anything we were used to.

Omega is a gorgeous retreat located in Rhinebeck, NY. It spans 880 acres and is filled with huges green meadows, towering trees, secluded sanctuaries spots.

While we were teaching our class, there were other classes with a lot more students than ours – “Finding Your Psychic Pathway” and another was “The Art of Tantric Lovemaking”. Thousands of people attend the campus each week.

Being entertainment junkies, Patrick and I kinda freaked when we discovered there were no TVs, newspapers, magazines or computers. Our cell phones didn’t work.

I’ve been on the Atkins diet for several months and had to adapt to the all vegetarian and hardcore vegan menu. Eat oatmeal? Twist my arm!
The staff was comprised of happy hippies in all ages and skin colors. In our class we had a group of wonderful talented women from the East Coast. They each were novel character material – Tracey, a successful children’s book author; Helen, a high powered NYC talent agent; Sandi, a fabulous artist and cat lover; Ellen, who just got married for the first time at age 55! She is so talented, she is really into artwork that puts Somerset Studio magazine to shame! Ellen told us how she themed her whole wedding around Frida Kahlo and she had the pictures to prove it. We also had D.A. in our class, she worked at Omega and was so sweet to have around.

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