Omega Institute of Holistic Studies: My favorite memories

Ok, I know you’re like, alright already! But I want to jot some things down before the memory begins to fade.
These are the things I will remember the most:

Tracey, the kids’ book author who was always so kind to us. She is the one who drove us into town for the burgers!

Sandi (an artist and cat lover) and Helen (a high powered NYC talent agent) sharing their teary-eyed stories with me about how they too were scarred by teachers and grown-ups as kids when it came to being an artist.

Ellen for turning me on to new art techniques and for showing us her fab wedding pics where she inspired the whole affair after Frida Kahlo.

The meditation instructor who pronounced Omega as Oh-mee-GAH.

The soba noodles, unpasteurized milk and yeast-free brownies I would never have tried otherwise.

The squirrel fights outside our window every morning.

How I was forced to exercise by walking UPHILL to our classroom every day.

All the neat artists I met and made friends with.

Learning how to use a phone card and making the most of 60 minutes.

Jose, the peaceful Tai-chi teacher who doubled as an action gun shooting actor.

the fog horn that blew every time it was mealtime.

realizing how much I really know about glue! I discovered this after helping my students glue all kinds of things. One glue does not fit all, that’s for sure!

Love & light,

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