Omega Institute: Part dos of my experience

The first day, i tried so hard to be professional and adapt to my new surroundings. It was pouring rain and our living quarter consisted of a cabin in the woods. The walls were eggshell colored. At home our walls are purple, teal and marigold. Looking at the blank walls made me so homesick. i missed our kids and our chihuahuas. We were in bed by 8, which was 5 pm, AZ time.

The second day was much better, we were in the swing of things, except when we accidently took double doses of Benedryl! We had to mug our way thru the class while half asleep. Patrick had to go back to the room to sleep it off, but the class was enough to perk me up.

One of our projects was a Day of the Dead altar. Not many people had heard about the concept. I had information sheets on hand to teach them. We made a huge, colorful community altar with all our shrine work and invited all the people on the campus to come and see it.

We became Latina hippies and passed out glitter-trimmed paper flowers to anyone who walked by. We also made and traded altered books, as well as many other assemblage art projects.

Despite the fun, our class giggled at Patrick and me every time we whined about being away from home. One day we had the afternoon free, so they drove us off the grounds to the nearest town and we ate at America’s oldest inn (300 years) that was haunted. All I knew was that the burgers and beers were just what we needed at that very moment 🙂

There were so many huge mosquitos at Omega – one time I had to yank one off my chin with my fingers! It’s been one month since we left, and honestly, we miss it SO much. We have been talking about it non stop. I’ve been jotting down ideas for next year because we really want to go back. That is if they invite us again.

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