Shrine on!

After being an artist for more than a decade, last year I had my first book come out, “Making Shadow Boxes & Shrines”.
What an experience! I worked so hard pulling it all together and the whole time I kept thinking “I suck!” because I kept seeing all this other fabulous assemblage work by artists much more talented than myself.

Regardless, the book came out and turned out so wonderful! I’m very proud of it, even though now I see so many other ideas I wish I had included in it. You see, even though I had dabbled in assemblage art, I never formally called myself an assemblage artist until I was done with the book. Then I launched into all kinds of assemblage pieces.

It’s been over a year and I still get emails from people sharing their stories about the different projects they made. One thing I didn’t except to come from it was all the requests to teach workshops on shrine making. I’m always one to try new things so I went for it. My first class was such a gas, I brought suitcases full of supplies and people were so overwhelmed that none of them finished their project in time. I finally have it down to a science though.

My real test in teaching came last month when I taught a week long workshop at Omega. Read on…

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