Birthday Push Up Bra: A lift I LOVE!

When I was a kid, I could hardly wait for December 10th to roll around. That’s my birthday!

I remember being so crushed the first time i met someone else who also had a birthday on 12/10. I thought i was the only one and that is what made the day so dang special.

It didn’t really matter. All through the years, my parents always made sure me and my brother and sister had a rockin party. All the family, homemade cake and lots of perfectly chosen gifts.

But now, this time of the year is always so emotional for me. i have serious birthday issues. 14 years ago when i broke the news to my parents that Patrick and i were getting married (Oh yeah, we were also having a baby too!) it was right before my birthday. That news changed my family birthdays forever. While my brother and sister still got fabulous parties, my day came and passed with an occassional call or a bouquet of flowers. Not because I was being punished but because there was such a big wall that went up between me and my parents. My news hurt my parents so bad, it’s like it erased all the sparkle they saw in me.

Through the years, it became a big deal. I’d have break downs at other people’s birthday parties, or when i saw pictures of people blowing out candles on their birthday cake. i’d cry on the way home from a party if the guest of honor didn’t say thank you for a gift because they have no idea what it felt like not to get a gift!

To help ease the tension, my sister now organizes a birthday dinner on my behalf. It has helped a lot to heal the wounds knowing my parents are taking time to celebrate bringing me to life – even if i have given them a lot of grey hairs.

Now at 38, my birthday really doesn’t seem special or fun anymore. In ten days i’m turning, gulp! – 39! I don’t feel like 39. I still feel like 30, ok 35. But then i’ll walk by a mirror and think, who is that frumpy lady? And then I think, “Oh geez! That’s me!” It snaps me back to reality that gravity is knocking on my door.

So to prevent any funky emotional episodes this year, i decided to do something special to give me a lift and make me feel fresher and younger. I can’t afford a face lift (kidding!) and I’m on an Atkins diet plateau (still 30 lbs down), so what’s left?

My chi-chis!

I went to Lane Bryant and picked up two ultra padded push-up bras. One is leopard and the other bright purple. Weeeee!

Talk about impact – When I got home, Maya pulled one out of the bag, held it up to everyone and loudly proclaimed, “Whoa! look at Mommy’s new bra, it’s HUGE!”

DeAngelo covered his eyes and yelled, “Maya, put it away!”

I snatched it from her little hands.

I went in my room and put it on. It was like the sagging chi-chi clouds I had come to live with and accept had parted before my eyes to reveal a hot, new sexy mamacita!

Grrrrrr, baby….

But lordy, I feel like Jane Russell now – eek my age is showing – OK make that Anna Nicole Smith. It really does lift and separate and it makes all my clothes look better. i have cleavage again! I love it so much I don’t want to take it off, even when i go to bed.

“You’re scaring me because of how much you love that bra,” Patrick told me in bed. “Are you ever going to take it off?”

I don’t ever want to take it off! Who knew wearing a padded push up bra could make such a difference?

It makes me wonder what other kind of youthful push-up tricks there are out there? If you know of any, fill me in!

Consider it an early birthday gift.

* All content/photos copyright, © Kathy Cano-Murillo, 2008.

Love & light,

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  1. I think you are so funny! 🙂 I am also 38 almost turning 39 on next July 2014… Mmmh…youthful tricks? have you heard of spanx? (You can find them in target) or you can go more sexy- dramatic with colombian shapewear…but that second option it is kind of uncomfortable…well…love your blog! You are very talented. I am Mexican, so I love our ideas.

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