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These are busy times!
Every year in the fall and winter, we are swamped with online orders. Before we went cyber, we were all old school when it came to selling our wares. We would set up art booths anywhere we could, like concerts or festivals. It was always so fun to meet our customers face to face.

Once the web site went up and after it got rolling (it’s been about 6 years now), we didn’t have to do art booths because online orders were steady. But when it comes to the holidays, I LOVE to mingle. I felt like here I was making all this festive art for people but I couldn’t even enjoy it myself. Or even see them enjoy it.

So on top of online and Internet orders this year, we are doing – gulp! – Four booths a week. Normally I’d say no way, but they are killer spots with just the kind of crowd we want. They are at the most beautiful locations in the valley. And for the season we’ll be there under a zillion white lights, sipping hot mochas and swinging super deals. Oooo, I can hardly wait! This week we are hustling on finishing wholesale orders so we can make stock in time for our first event, which is in exactly one week. Bring on the Metabolife, stat!

Basically, this is my way of saying, if you don’t see a lot of posts during the holiday, that’s why. I’ll be in the art studio slaving away, blowing micro glitter off of wet paint on the ornaments I’ll be making. To help gear up for maximum productivity I invested in a TIVO machine so I can see all the cool Christmas crafting shows that air earlier in the day. I can watch them and say to myself, “Eeek, how gross!” or “Hmmm, I think I’ll drop what I’m doing and head out to the art store so I can make that instead tonight!”

Other news:
– This week I got asked to author a funky DIY Bride craft book as my fourth book. I’ll keep you posted as it develops!
– Bianca, our 1 year-old Chihuahua, is in heat. Ew! Talk about swollen. I never realized what that all entailed. She keeps trying to hump Ozzy, our boy Chihuahua. Do they sell puppy maxi, err, mini pads?

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