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Remembering loved ones on Dia de los Muertos


Be happy!

Today is Day of the Dead.

I couldn’t let the night pass without posting. It’s a day to be happy for the loved ones you miss because on this day – maybe even at this very moment – their spirit has come back around for some quality time with you. Did you prepare for their arrival? Hopefully you did, because they sure will appreciate it!

There have been two great people in my life who passed on. They had such a big impact on who I am that just thinking about them gets me choked up.

I lost my Tata Jauregui when I was in second grade. He passed away of cancer. When I look back on my timeline, my time with him seems so brief. But when I clear my mind, I can remember a lot. For one thing, he was always so happy, so much that he was the highlight of all family gatherings. He had this way of singling you out and making me feel like I was his favorite out of everyone in the room. As soon as I would pass through the front doorway, he would pick me up and plop me on his lap. He always had Heath bars in the refrigerator and he loved to joke around and play funny tricks. He introduced me to the concept of using puns and i just thought he was so clever for that! Aside from my mom and dad, I always felt so safe around him because his spirit was just so pure and clean and honest.

Once at work, I met with a psychic lady for a project I was working on. She drew out a weird-looking map on a piece of paper and then held my hands to feel the vibes or whatever. I was so ready to crack up!

She then told me I had a guardian angel, a family member who was there right next to me.

I felt a huge lump in my throat.

She said he wanted me to know that even though he has been gone a long time, he has always been by my side watching over me and that he wants me to know that he is very proud of me.

Trying to keep my composure, I politely asked her who it was. I knew who it was, but I wanted to see if she did.

Then she told me it was my grandfather from my mom’s side. I started balling like a baby! It was my Tata Jauregui. There I was at work, not expecting anything from this silly psychic lady (because I’m a major skeptic of stuff like that) and she just pierced my heart with these words!

Really, I shouldn’t have been surprised, I knew he has been here all along. For him, and for myself, I want to always treat people how I want to be treated, if anything just to set a good example. When it’s my time to pass on, I want people to remeber that about me, just like they do with him. Hopefully some day i can relay that to my own grandkids.

The other person who passed away was my Nana Cano.

My Nana Cano at her sewing machine

She was like my Tata in the same way – an all around giving, loving, kind, happy person – no questions asked!

She was passed away just a few years ago, so I have a lot more memories than my Tata. For one thing, whenever you came to her house, she made you feel like you were from the royal family! She gave you the best seat at the dining room table and would take your order for whatever kind of food you wanted! From chorizo and eggs to fried chicken, she always seemed to have all he ingredients on hand.

When she wasn’t cooking, she was sewing or making crafts. I *so* know this is where I got my craftiness from! Al the time while i was growing up, she would make me all kinds of pillows, dolls and when i got married a beautiful photo album. While all these things looked so perfect and beautiful, what made them so special was her magic touch. you could just feel her loving energy coming through!

I say hi and give thanks to my Nana Cano and Tata Jauregui every night when I say my prayers. You don’t have to wait for Day of the Dead to honor your loved ones, but if you’ve been out of touch with them, it’s a great place to start.

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