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Resin in my hair: Part 1

Wrestling with resin…

Next weekend we have a huge art event at a local museum. so tonight I began my marathon session of making large quantities of merchandise to sell.

Lately, my bracelets have been moving pretty good. I’ve been making them in batches of 16 and every weekend I’m making them all over again (ok, I know – time to raise the price on them!). so today I had a super stressful day at work and at home. worse off, i got a flu shot and now feel like I’m coming down with a cold! But none of that stopped me from making stock.

Anyway, iI’mat the art table cranking out my bracelets. It’s a long process and the resin part is the last step. I finished applying the gooey clear stuff to all the little pieces, lined them up in a row and set them at the edge of the table to cure overnight.

As I was walking out of the art studio, I noticed Howard Stern was on David Letterman. I sat down on the floor in front of my art table so I could be comfy while listening to the interview.

I finished, turned off the tv and made my way to the bed. I was so exhausted! I laid down on my pillow, rolled around and next thing I know, I’m tasting resin in my mouth! It tastes AWFUL, very bitter! Even worse, one of the Frida Kahlo pieces I had made for the bracelets was hanging on the end of my hair. I felt around my head and there were a bunch of other wet resin bracelet pieces in there too…

I have a huge head of bushy hair and I’m wearing it up on top of my head in a ponytail – but it is so thick and wiry it looks like Marge Simpson’s hair. I guess when I sat on the floor, my ponytail must have swept across the art table and picked up the pieces. they were still stuck in my fro! the scary thing is I didn’t feel any of it.

I managed to pick them all out, but now my hair has wet, sticky and smelly resin all over it. I’m so sleepy, I don’t even care. I’m going back to my bed and I’ll deal with it in the morning. AllIi hope is that my resin-coated hair doesn’t cure to my pillow case. if it does, a trip to the salon is definately in store.

As far as the tainted bracelet pieces, I did take the time to recoat them…nothing will come between me and a decent art booth! Cheerio for now!

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