Crafting B.S.M.

That’s “before sewing machine”, ok?
There comes a time in every non-sewer’s life when a needle and thread will actually come in handy.

My moment of truth came a couple years ago when I was locked in my house with my kids and four of their friends. Imagine loud thumps on the walls; squeals throughout the house; me rubbing my temples because I knew Calgon was out of the question.

I thought how nice it would be to have one of those aromatherapy eye masks I had seen at Scottsdale Fashion Square. Once the quarters were quiet again, I could just plop one of them over my peepers and dream the agony away.

Forget Fashion Square. I realized I had everything at my fingertips to make my own eye mask at a fraction of the cost and twice the creativity. With scrap fabric, my checkbook, thread, rice and scented oil, I was in business.

I made my makeshift prototype that afternoon, and by night I was on a mission to make more.

I ended up at the fabric store, clutching several bundles of silky material on one side and trim in the other. I placed all my goods on the measurement counter while the clerk stood there and gave me that deadpan “You’ve got to be kidding” stare.

“Hi!” I said. “I would like a piece of each of these fabrics that measures a little bit bigger than my checkbook; and enough of this trim to fit around them. Do you carry HeatnBond?”

I was afraid to look her in the eye, but I went on to explain my eye-bag inspiration anyway. I promised if she helped me I would come back and show her the finished product. It was enough to win her over.

She did sell me the HeatnBond, but suggested I buy a sewing machine.

And I eventually did, but not in time for the eye mask project. I did get a machine and taught myself how to sew. Last year I sewed (no pattern!) this huge quilt made from Latin-themed t-shirts, but have yet to use it because I don’t want to ruin it. But now I’m thinking how life is short. That quilt is not making anyone happy by being stuffed in the dark and dusty linen closet. Tonight I’m celebrating my haphazard sewing skills and using my quilt 🙂

I’ve come a long way from glued-together eye masks!

Love & light,

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