Fire Drill Drama

Can things get any worse?

The answer is YES.

That’s why you should never raise your hands to the sky and yell it out. Because God will smile and show you that no matter how bad you think things are, they CAN be worse!

I learned this today. Everything was going wrong and I kept getting layer upon layer of bad news. It wasn’t crumbling break down and cry bad news, but just little jabs. Things that were to make my work week longer than usual. After the last straw, I plopped down in my chair at my desk and raised my hands to the sky and asked loudly:

“Can things get ANY worse? Can they?!”

Right then the building fire drill went off.

“I’m sorry!” I said sheepishly as I pointed my head up and shrugged my shoulders.

Too late.

I, like the rest of my department, had to haul my chunky butt down EIGHT flights of stairs. Yup, all it takes is eight flights of stairs to set you straight on being grateful for what you have – or don’t have. The last time we had a fire drill, it was before i lost my 30 pounds. I was huffing and puffing the whole way. This time, it almost seemed like a breezy ride. I passed a lady with an oxygen tank. She had to lift it up and plop it down step by step – she angry as all get out and was in physical agony. If it had been a real fire, she would have been in trouble. It was hard to help her because the tank was attached to tubes and to her face. Everyone kept asking her what they could do to help and she just signaled them on.

“My family is healthy, I have all my limbs and either way the sun comes up tomorrow,” I thought to myself.

As I reached the last step, one of the employees from another department said, “This sucks! Can things get any worse?”

Needless to say, I ran for cover.

Love & light,

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