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Hurried Women Syndrome

I didn’t need a news story to tell me this exists. People always ask me, “How do you juggle everything?”

This week I would like to know that. I’m waiting for my mom’s birthday cake to bake in the oven so that’s why I thought I’d unload here.

It’s Dec. 23, mom’s birthday. I haven’t bought her gift yet, but I did get her flowers, plus the cake i’m baking. It’s 6:30 and the party starts at 7.

I have ONE gift out of fifty purchased for Thursday. I’m behind at work. I was going to go shopping after work today but then I remembered I was supposed to bake my mom’s cake. Once you say you are going to bake someone a cake, there is no way you can show up with a store bought one! Especially if they just survived from a near death experience. No way, a store bought cake will not do!

After my mom’s b-day party, I have to come home finish two last art orders that are to be picked up tomorrow. Then I have to get my craft stuff ready for my morning TV segment, which means I have to straighten my hair (don’t ask, I get weird mean emails from viewers when my hair is curly and poofy and I’m overly sensitive…). I still have three stories to write at work, oneis a centerpiece and three art assignments to file.

I want to get out of the office by noon so i can start by holiday shopping. Aztec Warrior Angels have skipped town.

Did I mention Aunt Flo is due any minute? I’m not complaining because I definately know things can get worse. The kids could not be on holiday break right now and they could be needing help with really hard sucky homework. Instead Maya is playing the piano and DeAngelo is watching TV.

Yikes! Something smells like its burning, gotta jam!!!

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