Kids + shopping + a decent lesson

Each year at Christmas, the kids get bombarded with gifts. In recent years it has been mostly gift cards or cash. Usually they give them to me, we head to the store and the kids pick out what they want and i make up for the difference in price (if there is any). Now that they are 10 and 13, I thought I’d give them a try at shopping on their own while I stood by and watched.

They had $100.00 and wanted to spend it at Target. Maya already had her mind set that she wanted a memory card for her Game Cube. DeAngelo wasn’t sure what his final purchase would consist of.

We got to the store and both kids went hustled their way to the game section. I made my way to the after-clearance holiday area. Maya came by a few minutes later. She had her memory card and was perfectly content.

Until she saw “it”.

“It” was a cherry red bike. A BIG grown up bike, not the cheesy kid’s bike she had at home. To a 10-year-old, bikes may as well cost the same as a car. She had no concept of how much that bike would cost: $200. or $2000?

“Mommy, just for the heck of it, how much do you think that bike costs?”, she asked.

We found the price tag. $68.99.

“Oh my God! I have enough money in my pocket, right now at this very moment to buy that bike!”, she proclaimed. “I’m going to get it!”

The look on her face was as if she had just bought a 2003 Volkswagon Bug. Her self-esteem meter was definately poking in the red zone. And not only did she have enough for the bike, she also had enough for a matching helmet. It was one that she chose carefully to make sure the price was within her budget.

But now that she knew she wanted the bike, she had no clue what to do next.

“Just roll it out of the space and up to the check out,” I told her. “Come on, Let’s go see how DeAngelo is doing”.

With an ear-to-ear Kool-Aid grin, she rolled her bike behind me as we headed for the game section. We spotted DeAngelo.

“Mommy, I bought two games for my GameBoy,” he said as he held up the bag and pulled out the games and the receipt. “But now I just realized I don’t want to spend my money on these games. I looked around and saw something else I want better. What do I do?”

In my mind I’m thinking, “It’s the day after Christmas and homeboy wants to make a merchandise exchange. This outta be fun – and um, educating.

“Well DeAngelo,” I said. “You have to go stand in the returns and exchanges line at the Guest Services counter. Show them your receipt and tell them you would please like your money back.”

He made an about face towards Guest Services.

As i was standing in line with Maya who was buying her bike, I looked over to see DeAngelo waiting in line. By the time we finished (she was short .65, which I happily chipped in), he was barely getting waited on.

Ultimately we all met up and went home. Both of my little chickens were glowing with goofy glee. Maya got a grown up bike, Deangelo got a new game.

They both also got a great lesson. not only on power shopping and making wise choices, but also on reality. When we got home DeAngelo found out that the wicked new game he bought was one that Auntie Theresa had already gotten for him. Hello guest services.

As for Maya? She wiped out on her new bike on the asphalt and is now nursing some nasty strawberry burns on her hand and knee.

Love & light,

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