Maya baked her first cake

Today was such a fun day. It’s the best birthday I’ve had in years! From every angle, everyone went out of their way to make it super special for me.

I came home from work and Patrick had kept the kids home from school. They cleaned and decorated the house with streamers and lots of balloons. Patrick bought me roses and we ordered my new wedding band that I had been wanting for a long time. His mom made a killer ham and a side potato dish that was baked with corn flakes on top. DeAngelo opened a bag of chips and poured them in a bowl.

Through Maya, Theresa (who was at the hospital with my mom) sent me fudge dipped Oreos!

Maya, a very strong-willed 10-year-old, baked her first cake in my honor. Patrick told me how it went. She read the package but didn’t understand the “oil and flour the pan” part. So she just oiled it. She baked it for 15 minutes and took it out and the middle sunk in. She put it back in the oven for 15 minutes intervals for an hour. She stopped when she realized the cake was not going to stand back up in the center. So it would have a big sinkhole in it, no problemo!

When she thought it was surely done she took it out of the oven and with the potholders, carried the pan to the table on the back patio to frost it.

On top of the frosting, she layered three different kinds of sugar sprinkles until you could hardly see the frosting. Then she took the cap off the icing tube and wrote all over the cake until the icing tube ran out. Made in a rectangular pan, it kinda looked like chocolate covered cornbread but it tasted very yummy. A signature dish for sure!

After the party, I headed to the hospital to see my mom. They had taken the breathing machine off, removed the tube, stopped the sedation and she was now breathing and talking on her own! She is almost back to normal!

Theresa and I hung out and asked all kinds of questions about what she remembered. She only really remembers stuff within the past 24 hours, pretty much. Regardless, she seem elated to be able to talk again.

Now I’m off to bed for a good night’s sleep. Thank you again for all you prayers and wishes over this past week!!

Love & light,

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