Mom on the mend

Mom is on the mend. She is still in the critcal condition area with the breathing machine but she is doing so well they hope to take it out any day now.

Last night on the eve of my birthday and i asked her if this hospital visit was harder than giving birth to me. She shook her head yes. I asked her if she remembers being in labor with me. She shook her head yes. She held up her arms to signal “big” – i was almost 9 lbs when I was born and I guess the non-epidural (they didnt have them back then) birthing experience is still fresh in her mind. Then she turned her hands around like a mixer. That meant that I was turned around the wrong way during her labor.

“How is she remembering all this detail?, I thought. “She is sedated!

So to challenge her, I asked her if she was happy that I was turning 35. She looked at me and raised her finger and shook it no. She pointed it up – as in “I may be sedated honey, but I know you are older than 35!”. I said, “Am I 37?’ She shook her head no. “I’m 38, right?” She shook her head no. “Yes I am, I’m 38 tomorrow mom,” I replied.

She then started doing math on my stomach by writing out the numbers. 2003 minus 1964. I could see her borrowing the numbers even! She then drew 39 on my stomach. Geez! How did she do that? I can’t subtract and the only drugs i take are grande mochas from Starbucks.

I spent the night with her in her hospital room and around 2:30 am she woke up and motioned her hand for me to come over there by the bed (I was sitting on the chair by the window). I stood there and with her eyes still closed, she wrote 39 on my stomach. She wanted to let me know that she knew it was after midnight and she knew it was my birthday!

You guessed it, I began to cry!!!

I hope if i’m ever on a life support machine and heavily sedated and one of my kids is in the room with me and its their birthday – that I will be able to remember the details of the labor, exact birth position, current age and time and be able to communicate it to them.

Cross your fingers for me, I have big shoes to fill!

Love & light,

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