Asphalt wipeout

Have you ever been so focused on the future that you don’t see what is right in front of your nose? Like a chuck hole in your walking path?

Last week I was so concerned about something else that I went thru the car wash and forgot to roll my window up! You’d think I would have learned my lesson, but no. God sent me another little reminder to “pay attention.”

Wednesdays are always stressful for me. It’s the day I do the craft segment on TV, so I stress all night and morning over if my project is worthy enough. I know us crafty types can be very critical when it comes to ideas.
Do you ever watch a craft segment on TV and say, “Man that is so lame!” or “You gotta be kidding, I can do better than that!”
I do. So I know people do it to me and that’s what I worry about!

Adding to my worries was a big juicy pimple that sprouted up right below my bushy left eyebrow that needed to be shaped and plucked. Later in the night I had a workshop in Chandler, so that was one more fret to chew my nails over…

After work I got home and parked the car in front of the house because I knew I would be leaving soon. I walked to the mail box, got the mail and was reading it as I was walking off the sidewalk and into the street to get back into the car.

“Oooo, the new Budget Living came!,” I thought. for that instant my mind was in a happy place. Right then my chunky heel caught on a chuck hole in the street. My foot twisted and I tossed the mail in the air as I waved my arms around to try and catch my balance. It didn’t register thru my thick head that no matter how much air I grabbed, it wasnot going to support my heavy (but quite shapely) frame.

This was all right in front of my neighbor across the street who was trimming her hedges with hedge clippers.

The rest seemed like slow motion. I am a healthy plus-sized lady and the fall seemed like it took forever to take its course. I felt my face heading for the street so I threw my hands out for protection. I ended up on my knees, butt in the air, hands down with my chin missing the tar by a few millimeters. I caught my breath and slowly lifted up one limb at a time until I was upright. I could feel the tears coming on. I may be 39, but at that moment I felt like I was five and had just fallen from my pretty pastel pink bicycle.

“You OK?” my neighbor yelled.

“Oh sure, no problem, I’m fine!”, I replied in a cheery but shaky tone.

I headed straight for the front door, busted through and yelled out “PATRICK! I JUST FELL ON THE STREET!”

I saw him hang up the phone and come running over. By that time I was balling, mouth open, waterworks flowing. He helped clean me up but I had to get going so I wouldn’t be late for my workshop. I was still shaking as I was driving over there.

I calmed down once the class began and i met all the nice people who came. I told them how I fell. Goofy, I know but it was very traumatic for me! One lady told me how she broke her wrist when she fell and it made me happy that I was A-OK in the long run, it could have been worse.

What a long day it was! I came home and Patrick rubbed my back and neck. This morning I woke up and felt like I had been hit be a semi-truck! My whole left side is sore and my knees are bruised, my palms scabbed.

I told a couple people at work about my great tumble and they each had stories that made mine look like a tiny blip on the radar.

But still – isn’t it so awful, falling down in public? Has that ever happened to you before?

Love & light,

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