Crafty mishaps

Wood beads and paint pens do not go together.

Once I elaborately decorated each and every bead with ornate hand drawn designs and then I painted them in a clear sealer. I strung them on leather straps and gave them to Patrick’s band members. They were so happy with their handmade gifts! But then the next time I saw them, a couple guys told me they left their necklaces on when they went in the shower and freaked out because while they were washing their bodies they saw black paint running down their chest. Alrighty. So now I know paint pens and that specific varnish was not water resistant.

Another “early” crafty mishap was when I was babysitting my bosses toddlers and string seed bead bracelets in between changing diapers and feedings. The next day at work my boss told me her son’s poop was very colorful that morning. She opened his stinky diaper to see three tiny beads – one red, one yellow and one green. “Irie”, I said back!

I remembered all these boo-boo’s this week when I got a copy of the wonderful new book Living Out Loud: Activities to Fuel a Creative Life by artist, writer, illustrator and all around crafty chica, Keri Smith. It is aimed at people who want to pump up their lives through art but don’t exactly know how to start. It has all kinds of easy, funny exercises to guide you to tapping into the things that make you happy. I wish I had this book way back when! But on the other hand, you really have to go through a lot of trial and error before you can gain a sense of individuality and confidence in your work.

There may be a few damaged dreadlocks along the way, but in the long run it will be worth it!

OK, I’m off to the art room. After painting all evening, I needed a little break. Now it’s back to work!

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