Do I REALLY have time to write a novel?

For the second time in a year, I’ve had a book editor from a major trade publisher ask me about writing a feature novel. The first time around I blushed and shrugged it off. I write happy craft columns and do breezy Q&A’s with movie stars. What do I really know about feature writing? But last week, I was spending the night at my Nana’s house and the most wonderful story popped into my head. As each day goes by I keep getting more and more ideas for it. I’ve already began putting the pieces together but it is so hard because I’ve never done anything like this before…

The good news is my passion for my page turner came right before my week of vacation. I scheduled it off because we have three huge wholesale orders to get out, I have a stack of media kits to send out and I wanted to revamp my bedroom in an Eastern Indian theme. Oh, I also wanted to paint some furniture for Rezurrection Gallery, a local venue where we sell our art. I also wanted to clean out the house, you know, get rid of dust bunnies and stuff? Not to mention laundry, cooking, grocery shopping…

OK, let’s wrap this up. How should I rank my duties for the week? I want to do ALL of them and it is Sunday night and I’m feeling overwhelmed by confusion.

write a novel (or rather begin to write it!)
paint furniture for gallery
finish art orders
clean house
revamp bedroom that will inspire my creativity
make a t-shirt purse – wait, see what happens? Where did this come from?

How would you rank these?

Kathy 🙂

Love & light,

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