Irish Bread Pudding

After falling off the Atkins wagon over the holiday season, I’m trying really hard to be the pristine born-again bread hater I used to be. I knew this week would bring a new lifestyle change, so last week I decided to go out with a bang: Tamales, Frosted Mini Wheats Cereal, Texas toast, hash browns, espresso bark and REAL sugar in my coffee. and that was just by Friday.

I made a vow to cook decent meals for my kids for 2004. Not just the usual full-proof lasagna, hamburgers, enchiladas and steaks or baked chicken. I want to whip up really difficult challnging entrees like meat loaf or chicken alfredo. Cooking is like painting with food is what I tell myself, it shouldn’t be that hard.

The only glitch in my plan was an assignment I had for work. Last week I was to report and write a story on places to go get international desserts. The first place I found was an Irish restaurant called Rula Bula. The owner began to describe in detail his Irish bread pudding that is made from scratch everyday with heavy cream, butter, whiskey and sugar. My mouth was watering as I was typing in all his quotes. In my mind I was set on leaving work that day and driving directly over to Rula Bula for some of that wicked bread pudding. I needed a buzz that only a combination of whiskey, butter and sugar could give. The problem was it was Fiesta Bowl weekend (a zillion people in one area of town for a game) in the very same neighborhood as the restaurant. Unless i wanted to brave the crowd, there would be no bread pudding for me that night.

The next day I called my sister and begged her to go with me to Rula Bula. She declined. So I took matters into my own hands. I typed in into my web browser and then typed bread pudding into the search engine. About 20 recipes came up. I finally found one that had whiskey in it.

I headed to the store, intending to buy fresh veggies and other nutritous goodies for my lovely children. Um, right. Instead I walked out of there with frozen pizzas and whiskey.

I made the Irish bread pudding and it was soooo delectably good that after my first bite, I wanted to lay on top of the kitchen counter and slowly smoke a cigarette. And I don’t smoke! I was so happy I even had a shot of whiskey. I remembered hearing on the Discovery Channel how back in the day people would take a shot to ease a toothache or to warmtheir bodies. I thought of this as I downed my second shot. It was warm and tingly. I felt as wild and wooley as Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke!

Basically that Irish bread pudding was a nice top-off to my carbohydrate carnival, the end my glorious run. This week I got back on track and I think I feel slimmer already. if you are skinny and can eat anything you want – or are chubby and have fallen off the Atkins wagon and need one last hurrah before you get back on track – I highly reccommend this recipe!

By the way, does whiskey have carbs?

Love & light,

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