Overheard something weird

Have you ever unintentionally witnessed weird conversations? Recently at the grocery store I was in line at the check out. There was a twenty-something couple in front of me with a handful of items. I wasn’t paying attention to what they were doing. I was passing the time trying to decipher the latest issue of Mira! magazine – it is the Spanish language version of Star. It had a picture of Salma Hayek from the back in a swimsuit. Of the scandalous headline, all I could make out is that is said she had cellulite. The horror! But then while I was zeroing on the so-called dimple on Salma’s upper thigh in the picture, I heard something from the people in front of me that caught my attention…

Man: We really should use this gift card for stuff we need. Food for the kids. That’s why the gift card is for the grocery store, to buy groceries.
Lady: No! It was a gift to us, it’s our turn to splurge and buy luxury stuff for us. We deserve it! There’s no way you can make me feel guilty for doing something special just for me!
MAN: Ok, I guess you’re right. But I still feel guilty.

Alrighty…you know I just had to look and see what their luxury splurge items were. She had 2 boxes of Nice & Easy Haircolor and a little packet of deep hair conditioner. He had two bottles of Old Spice.

Still waiting for my turn, I looked at the pretty smiling lady on the box of the hair color. Then I looked at the worn and weathered 20-something lady buying it. There was no way she would look like the lady on the box, even if she bought TEN boxes. I was thinking how she would probably go home, send the kids out to play and head for the bathroom for her makeover. And then seeing her all spruced up, the man would splash on some of his Old Spice and they would have a romantic night. That would be nice. Well, unless they get too romantic and have more kids and need even more groceries…

Their turn came up and they were silent and didn’t even look at each other as the cashier rang them up. I could tell they felt really bad inside. It was an uncomfortable silence for sure.

They finished, I went for my turn and that was the end of it. Except it did make me grateful for what I have, as corny as it sounds!

Love & light,

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