Sad, sad day

a sad, sad day.

I’m so sad today. It’s January 1st – which means all my tricked out Chirstmas decorations have to come down. The sparkly table runners, the glitter glass bulbs and the tree. Worst of all? The lights! Why is it always so much more fun to put up the lights than take them down? I don’t care how crazy the neighbors think we are, the lights are staying up in our Arizona room. At least they are white and not multi-colored. That should pass ok, don’t you think?

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means lots of bright red paint and red glitter. And chocolate. OK, I’m feeling better already!

This year has started off with a kick. I put a dozen of my bracelets in a new boutique here in town and they sold out in exactly one week! I owe mucho thanks to my firend Laurie because she is the one who told me about the store. I’m so happy that I made her a special bracelet too! So tomorrow I’m delivering another batch of goods to the new boutique. Then we have two big wholesale orders to do, plus all my February craft columns for the paper, two 2005 book outlines and not to mention packing and cleaning the house after the holiday season (sniff). Oh. And taxes…

So what should I start on first? Painting the house! Of course! Our entry way is marigold yellow, living room purple and kitchen teal. It looks very Mardi Gras. I’m ready for a change, I’ve come to hate it. At least I got it out of my system. This past year I was chatting with Kitty Bartholomew (home how-to goddess in my book) and I told her how excited I was to paint my living room purple. She warned me not to.

“You’ll like it at first,” she said. “Then it will make you want to puke.”

She asked me to send her pictures when I was done because she had never seen someone pull off a purple living room. I thought I could prove her wrong. But I have to admit, she was right!

The problem is, whenever I get something in my mind, I can’t wait any longer, I have to carry it thru, like, RIGHTNOW. So tomorrow I’m off to buy some gallons of paint. I have no idea what color yet. I’m also in the mood to paint my entire bedroom red and turn it into an silky, exotic Eastern Indian love shack topped off with a batch of handmade textured t-shirt pillows.

Welcome 2004!

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