Whacked-out Wednesday

The first chunk of my day was nuts. It’s like there was a little prankster gremlin setting me up for crazy events, one right after another. Now I know why they make Valium.

I’m on vacation this week so I can help Patrick with our formerly three, as of yesterday FOUR, large wholesale orders. I’ve been coasting off of a couple hours of shut eye a night. I had a nightmare that I accidently glazed everything in the orders with a matte finish and then sent it all out. I woke up in a cold sweat – thanks to the crafty gods it was just a bad dream.

I woke up very late for my ch 12 tv crafting segment (I decided to do it this week even though I’m supposed to be off), so I had to bust butt to get dressed, smoosh down my hair, apply my Hollywood makeup, slip on a decent dress and get going. I didn’t even have time to shower!I got in the car and discovered it did not have enough gas to get me across town.

I made it to the gas station and as I was paying with my debit card, the machine asked me if I would like a car wash. For one silly micro-second, it slipped my mind that I was in a hurry.

“A car wash is just what I need!”, I cheerfully thought. And so I purchased “The Works” for $5.99. I filled my tank, pulled away from the tank and up to the car wash terminal. I stopped at the kiosk, lowered my window and reached my arm out to punch in my code to launch the automatic process.

I pulled up to the dock, making sure my tires were lined up with the gutter. But then I remembered about the sliding window on roof. I reached up to make sure it was tightly closed so no water would drip through and possibly drip on me.

What I should have checked was my driver’s side window. In worrying about the ceiling window, I completely forgot about raising it first. The thought popped in my head right as a huge, thick, stinging wall of water hit me on the side of my body. It soaked the left side of my hair, my face, my arm and my leg.

I screamed, closed my eyes and raised my hands in the air like someone just threw a cream pie in my face. I was worried the soap was coming any second. I furiously felt around for the window button on the arm rest, found it and raised the window. I would have started crying but I didn’t want to mess up the other side of my eye makeup.

I made it out of the carwash, but half way to the TV station, it began to sprinkle. All that for nothing!

At the station, i was setting up my project and went to grab my resin bottles that I had in a plastic bag. They were gooey from the last time I used them and had pretty much cured together. Again in a hurry, I pulled them with all my might to get them to separate before the cameras starting rolling. They finally snapped apart but it was with such force that my arm flung off and hit my project which was lined with candy conversation hearts. It went flying across the studio and hit TV monitor behind me. The candy hearts flew everywhere! The marketing lady helped me find all the pieces and i did my best to put everything back in order just in time…

*covers eyes with hands and shakes head in shame*

The segment ending up going ok, except that halfway through the three-minute time slot, my stinky resin made the nice anchor lady standing next to me sneeze on live TV.

I made it out of there in one piece and went to the bank and then to the store and then to bring my mom some ice tea at her house.

As I was pulling into the garage at home, I felt so happy to be there. That is, until I noticed that I had different colors of paint splotches all over the bottom of my right leg from when i was painting last night until the wee hours of the morning. I don’t even want to think about how many people caught a glimpse of that…

Al this happened within a two hour period. Yup – I think I’ll be staying in the rest of the day.

* All content/photos copyright, © Kathy Cano-Murillo, 2008.

Love & light,

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