Conquering cheddar biscuits

Today I did *great* when it came to my carb control. I don’t want to jump the gun (its only been three days), but I think I’m back on track! The only semi-crisis I had was this evening when my sister played a mean trick on me.

It was 8:30 and she called me to go with her to grab something to eat. I already had dinner but went for the ride. I figured it would be an easy trip to a drive thru and I wouldn’t have to watch her sink her teeth into anything like warm bread or crispy battered fried something or other.

So, what happens? Homegirl pulls into Red Lobster. Home of the basket o’ cheddar biscuits! I was still in control, all was cool. I could handle this. We were seated to our booth by a nice waiter that looked just like Sal Mineo. I ordered a coffee with whipped cream – perfectly acceptable for Atkins. I’m going to be up late tonight painting so it was a good fit. Theresa ordered her Mahi Mahi.

A few minutes later, our waiter came by with my coffee and a basket of cheddar biscuits for Theresa. I’m not sure how many were in there, but enough to make the napkin that was covering them pop up in the middle. It already had butter stains seaping through. Doing my usual bread basket calculations, I estimated there had to be at least 4-5 biscuits in there. My hand reached to remove the cover.

“What are you doing?”, Theresa asked in an interrogating tone.

“I just want to peek and see how many biscuits are in there. And I want to see if they are warm.”

She put her hand on top and confirmed, yes they are warm.

I lifted it anyway and looked.

“Whoa, there’s SIX! They gave you SIX biscuits, just for you, one person!”

She knew my Bruce “We’re having fish tonight!” Finding Nemo moment was about to emerge right there in front of a late night seafood dinner crowd.

She snatched the basket away, re-covered the cheddar biscuit basket with the napkin and put it at the edge of table and far out of my reach.

We continued our conversation. Several minutes later she pulled a biscuit from the basket. She broke it in half so she could eat it. She isn’t on Atkins. Why should she be deprived?

“Can you point that over here? I just want to see what the inside looks like…”, I innocently asked.

Never takingher eyes off me, she slowly broke the biscuit in half and cautiously pointed the open halves in my view. They didn’t look as good as I thought. They were white inside and none of the butter had even seaped inside. It had been a couple seconds and surely by now Theresa should have politely put me out of my misery and eaten the damn biscuit already.

But no.

She held a half in each hand and left it there right within my reach. She looked into my eyes and a wicked grin came across her face. Bascially she gestured “You want it? Huh? do ya? Come and get it then…”

Right then I noticed that my hand snapped across the table and grabbed a piece out of her hand with the ninja swiftness of a frog catching a fly with his tongue. I held the now-crumbled biscuit piece in my hand and stared at it.

I took a nibble. It was just as I imagined – crispy on the outside and slightly chewy in the center. Yup, it was good stuff.

But at that moment I made a choice. I put the piece of biscuit on a little side dish and sprinkled gobs of salt on it so I wouldn’t eat it. It felt soooo good to have that kind of will power. Now I can go to bed tonight happy that I ate healthy all day today and maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up and weigh myself and be 2 pounds lighter than before!

One thing is for sure, no more late night food runs for me.

By the way, for anyone who reads this who thinks i’m insane, you obviously have never experienced the first week of starting a diet – or rather a change in eating habits. The first week is utterly brutal! I think this kind of stuff happens to all of us (please say it does!) but we don’t like to admit it…I’m admitting it so I can read this later and see how goofy I was being about something so insignificant as a basket of biscuits.

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Love & light,

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  1. I think you did good! I can never resist those darn biscuits from Red Lobster. And you’re also right about the first week of changing your eating habits….so TOUGH to do! I wish you luck. You can do it.

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