Giddy Overload

They say good things come in spurts – this week has been a major surge! Maybe if I release it all here I’ll be able to sleep in peace tonight.

First off, I found out that the St Louis Post Dispatch did a full color feature on my two books last Saturday. Here is the online version, it doesn’t have the pictures like the broadsheet did, but it still is awesome.

I was contacted by the editor of the fabulous Venus Magazine, they are doing a feature on and my current stuff and invited me to submit a craft project as well. This will be in the next issue. Venus is a must-read – go to your local bookstore right now check it out and you’ll and see what I mean!

You know the wedding book sample projects I was working on? This week book editors from all the major trade publishers are perusing the proposal and the samples. I’m crossing my glitter-encrusted fingers very tight that one of them makes an offer on it. I looked at the web sites of all the ones who have taken an interest so far, and they are all so exceptional, words cannot describe! Needless to say I’ve been checking my email every five minutes it seems…

Today I got a wonderful surprise in the mail – a final copy of my Crafty Diva book! It came out so juicy and vivid and happy – just what I was aiming for. Tonight Maya and I read the entire thing over. We even had a mini cat fight over who was in charge of turning the pages! I’m like, “It’s my book!” and she’s like “I stopped you from using corny words in it!”

Last but not least – this one just came out of left field – but it is something Patrick and I have always dreamed of doing for YEARS but didn’t know how/where to start. We were offered a job to design (for a manufacturer) TWO lines of home accessories for a well known national chain of stores (1000 total across the country) that will debut next month. Right now I can’t reveal which store or what the designs/products entails but I can say it all ROCKS! Downside? Novel goes to temporary backburner while we complete this gig.

Even though this is all cool and yummy, I want to give a shout out to one of my dear friends who has inspired my along the way. She is taking the world by storm right now. Her name is Terri Ouellette, better known as Terri O. If you live in Phoenix and craft, you know exactly who she is. She used to be a very popular reporter for a daily TV morning show but quit to take on her dreams of becoming a national media personality.

She not only did it, she went above and beyond. She got named as the national spokesperson for National Craft Month by the Hobby Industry Association, launched her own local TV show which is now going into national syndication, has her own crafting show on QVC, is the pitchwoman for the George Foreman grill commericals…OK, overload?

She was the first one on local TV to invite Patrick and I to come in the studio and show our art – not only that, but she always invited us back on for other segments. It really paid off for us! And I remember back in the day too, when she was super nervous getting ready for her first QVC appearance, my cousin and I went over to her house to help her finish up all the projects in time. Now that I look back, what a thrill that was! I’ve been thinking of her lately because we haven’t been in touch, but this week we are doing lunch to catch up. She is one of the crafty chicas I look up to – you know, the kind who sets goals and then actually take the steps required to go after them? It’s amazing how much you get back if you take the energy, time and right frame of mind to put yourself out there. You’d be surprised!

Lastly I want to send a big hug to the talented Suzy V., she was a contestant on American Idol who lost a spot in the final 12 tonight. She is from Phoenix, and she did sooo good in her auditions and performances, we’re all crushed she didn’t make it through. Better things are coming around the corner for her, I can feel it. She deserves it.

Please share! What women inspire you? What are some things you want really bad as far as making your mark on this world? Today, take time to get the wheels turning on one of them. I have a list of crazy goals I always keep close by, its like my grocery list for my soul. I like to look at it everyday and think about what I did today that supported it. It sounds so corny, but I suggest giving it a try. You will feel so empowered and optimistic. But then get ready to the universe to respond back!

Oh my gosh! I just yawned, I think I’m ready for bed!

P.S. If any of our customers are reading this, I promise Patrick has your orders under control. He sent a big batch out Monday and is sending more manana. I’d hate for you to think I’m blogging when I should be painting!

* All content/photos copyright, © Kathy Cano-Murillo, 2008.

Love & light,

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