Green Day

If I happen to bump into Kermit the Frog anytime soon, I think I’ll open my arms to him and hug him tighter than Miss Piggy did on their first date.

Green was the theme of my day today –

GREEN was the color of the spots I saw through my closed eyelids early this morning after going to bed at 3 am (and every night since Friday due to big orders going on right now).

GREEN was the color my face turned when one of the producers from HGTV told me today that they had decided to drop Phoenix from their tour for the new show “Crafting Coast to Coast”. I worked so hard – not only on my tape and presentation, but also in recruiting people from across the country to send in tapes. Many of my cross country crafters have already gotten the green light because their cities were chosen to be a part of the show and they have neat projects to share. But the good news is the producer said they will be coming to Phoenix for season two and to have hope. *Fingers crossed*
I shouldn’t hold my breath though. This is the second time I’ve had an HGTV carrot dangled right under my nose. There’s always next time, right? Yes. There WILL be a next time. i’m cool with that and am happy for my fellow crafty chicas who will be featured. I’ll post when their episodes air.

GREEN is the color of the five foil stars I bestow upon the lovely and creative Stephanie Shapiro, a reporter from the Baltimore Sun who once again was so kind as to feature me in a fun and informative crafts story. This time it was on the magic of glue guns! Muchas gracias Steph!!!
BTW I got that nasty burn while trying to craft and watch America’s Next Top Model at the same time. It was when Sara got booted. I was in shock and gasped in horror and didn’t notice that a dollop of hot glue fell on my skin. I noticed when it hit my skin, that’s for sure – and I still have a nasty scar.

GREEN has to be the color of this week’s TV craft project because it falls on St. Patty’s Day. I’m so overloaded creatively I can’t think of anything yet. I have less than 48 hours! I may have to call little Maya in for backup. It is spring break and she has been making stuff like crazy, and it is only Monday. Right now at this moment she is decorating a t-shirt with fabric pens.

last but not least…

GREEN – as in EMERALD? – is the color that Patrick and the kids painted the entryway concrete floor today! Imagine my – um – “surprise” *must remain calm* when I walked into our comfy home today and thought I was going crazy because I could have sworn I saw a glimpse of Astroturf out of the corner of my eye…Today is the kid’s first day of spring break and I guess the whole green season must have got to them and they found a gallon of paint and went to town. Or it could be Patrick’s revenge on me for when I painted our Arizona room purple. Or maybe because his name is Patrick and Wednesday is St. Patrick’s Day??? I can analyze all I want but I will never know how that man’s mind works! Green floor! Aye dios mio!, that’s all I can say…

I know what Kermit goes through. It’s not easy being green!

On the bright side, at least it wasn’t a neon orange day…

Love & light,

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