Keep smiling, no matter what.

Since 2004, my months have been divvied up into good weeks and not-so-good weeks. I have so many little irons in the fire right now. At one point they all are white and hot and then the next week they’ve been put in the ice box to chill. Exactly two weeks ago I was glowing with giddiness thanking the universe and then last week I channeled my inner Tony Soprano, raised my head to the sky, stood in the middle of what seemed like Times Square, arms out and asked the elements around me: “Hey – what gives?”.

It wasn’t that anything horribly bad happened, it was just that I got “ooohh. that is not what I was expecting” kind of news, on top of a stressful work week and such. *Wait – I did get some awesome news at work last Friday. Can’t diss on that, no way!*

Ok, back to whiny world: Not to mention the gorgeous weather we had been enjoying is now bye-bye until next October. This weekend we had to turn on the air conditioning. Hello 7-month long sky high electric bill…Maybe it is a good thing I don’t knit, I wouldn’t have anytime to wear a scarf, much less mittens.

Anyway – today started off very productive, and ended that way too. With summer coming up Maya decided she wanted to venture out into a new challenge, so she signed up for a softball league. We attended the first meeting tonight. I felt bad for her, the very nice coach introduced himself and then zeroed in on her eyes and firmly asked “Have you ever played ball before??”

She replied, no, she was a newbie and then he furiously scribbled some notes by her name on the roster list on his clipboard. I tried to peek but I couldn’t see what he wrote. He wants a winning team, you can just feel it. It’s supposed to be a “recreational” league, but something tells me tears will be shed and tantrums will be thrown throughout the season. Now we just have to find something for DeAngelo to do this summer.

I can’t tell what the rest of the week will be like, but I do know today I forgot to do Step 2 in my usual hair routine and showed up to work with a frizzy tee-pee do. As for the remaining days, I have muy importante deadlines to meet. So I’ll just take on the world with a dazzling smile tomorrow, gear up and hope for the best! As a matter of fact, I’m going to try something new that I just thought of. Right after I typed that line up there about how I got awesome news at work on Friday, it got me thinking of some other good things that happened last week. So right after I sign off I’m going to jot down the good things down in my journal. When I look back on it years from now I’ll think “What a cool week that was!”

Am I being too Marcia Brady here?

Oh, by the way – March is National Craft Month. Sure we all make stuff day in and day out, but let’s try to convert non-crafters in honor of the season! At least a rubber stamped card or something!

P.S. I’ve decided I want to repaint the interior of our casa a light olive green.

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Love & light,

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