Crossing the finish line

Tonight I can finally chill. We got ALL our orders done and sent out. Well, almost. We have two more to send out tomorrow. Even though I’m still in the creative process when filling orders, it can be difficult to stay on task. So. Every so often this weekend, I halted the mass production line to work on pieces for an upcoming gallery show that I was invited to participate in. I made PURSES!

Oh. My. God. They came out so dang cool and I had such a blast making them. I’m calling the line “Bolsas de Pasion” (Purses of Passion). The theme of the show is “Passion” and to me, at this time, it is all about hot, sexy love. I’ll post a picture tomorrow of one of them. They are pretty racy! The show is later in the summer at Chandler’s Vision Gallery.
But I didn’t stop there. I cranked out 17 bracelets and 12 necklaces, that are now officially out of my possession because Sarah, the owner of a boutique in town, took all of them! So we are back to ZERO inventory, but we’ll fix that real soon. Better to be sold out than to have overstock I guess.

We also finished up the Lowe’s stuff this week too. Everything came out so cute – its for kids so that’s a good thing. I outlined the second Crafty Diva book and i’m so excited to get going on it. It’s going to be even better than the first one. I know there are a lot of tween crafting books out there, so I did a LOT of research to find a new “angle” for the book. My editor loved it! It will be out exactly one year from now.

This week at work I’m working on a story on drag queens and tomorrow night I’m going to see the beautiful Angela Dodd perform at a club called Winks. I can hardly wait!

Real quick – I want to share a new FAB site from some friends of mine. It’s a site dedicated to crafty women in business. It’s called The Switchboards and I encourage everyone to check it out and post so it will thrive into a useful tool for all of us!!

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