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Happy 3rd Birthday to CraftyChica.com!

This week is CraftyChica.com’s third anniversary! I launched the DIY site back then when I wanted to help boost the page views on my craft projects at azcentral.com. I had no HTML skills what so ever and found a “drop and drag” service from a company called Homestead. I totally fudged my way through putting it together. It was as drab as a scoop of unflavored gelatin at first, but now its come a long way. I still can’t build an HTML page to save my life, but I know enough to squeak by. Its proof how far *sheer will* can get you. My lovely amiga Carrie is a web design priestess and is designing me spot art, a banner and a new homepage. She is the one who made my logo. I asked her to create a girl with big chi-chis, big hair and that looked like the Mexican revolutionary girl. You know – Zapata’s supposed mistress that has a trumpet in one hand and the Mexican flag in the other? Except I wanted to to sub in a glue gun and paint brush. She did it! Viva la DIY!! Viva Carrie!!

I look back on the early days and I had no idea what it would all lead to – meeting other chicas, book editors, sharing ideas, etc. It’s been such a wonderful ride. Since then there have been a lot of new DIY sites that have popped up and it makes me feel giddy inside knowing how much the demand for cool crafts has spread. When I put my links page up I had less than a dozen sites, now there is more than a hundred. I raise my goblet of resin to Get Crafty and Jean Railla for kicking off the movement. If it weren’t for that site and the message board, I don’t think I would have been as motivated to do something as ambitious as CraftyChica.com! I also have to give props to my bosses for letting me have such a fun duty as crafting!!

Speaking of Jean – she has a new book due out soon from Random House’s Broadway Books called – what other than Get Crafty: Hip Home Ec! Congrats Jean!!! I can hardly wait to buy a copy or two or three!!

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