Stiffed by Stiffy

Don’t you hate it when you have a craft idea in your head and it seems sooo easy. Well I’ve had a bottle of Stiffy Fabric Stiffener for quite sometime now and decided to use it for my craft column this week. It seemed simple enough…

I’m normally not on such a last minute time schedule! But here it is the night before my deadline and my craft tv segment and all I know is Stiffy sucks. After several hours of trying to make something work (flowers, bowls, etc), I gave up. I’m just Stiffy intolerant I guess. If I were in a nationally televised craft-off and the final showdown involved a yard of fabric and a bottle of Stiffy, I would go down like Leah LaBelle did on the first week of American Idol.

Under emergency stress, I began to scan our house to see what I could sub. I had already covered everything before. I finally went to Patrick begging…tipsy on Bud, he replied in a Mufasa from the Lion King manner: “Remember your roots”. So I closed my eyes and thought of my first craft project. Safety pin bracelets? nah…Paper earrings! I used to make cute paper earrings like crazy back in the day. I happened to have water color paper in the studio so I whipped up some way-cool handpainted gift bag embellishments. I saw some at Target that were boring and expensive. Mine are fun and kicky. I can hardly wait to show you!

I’m so happy Stiffy sucked! Eek! It’s almost 2 am!

P.S. Have you worked with Stiffy before?

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