New hair, tamales and soldered frames

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted! It’s been quite a busy few days. Last week I did three TV segments to promote my book signing and I spent each night preparing for the next day’s appearance. The segments were a blast – I did KPNX on Wednesday (this is the one I do every week) and then I did two days at KTVK on Good Morning Arizona. Both stations are so cool and they are always so nice and welcoming. I actually got my start doing crafts on TV on Good Morning Arizona about 6 or 7 years ago, they have me back whenever I have a new book out. It’s the number one local TV show!

I got a relaxer in my hair last Wednesday, but it’s still ultra curly! $65.00 down the drain. Think of all the glitter and varnish I could have bought with that…Maybe it’s the universe trying to tell me something – to just deal with the locks!

Friday night I got my new iMac, and was a mouse potato all night. The salesman was freaking me out by trying to sell me all this extra stuff. I felt like I was either going to start to cry or walk out of there and order it online. i think he saw the desperate look in my eye and cooled his heels. Bottom line? I love my new ‘puter but I’m still trying to get used to it. I can’t do my website on it, check my work email and the keyboard is so tiny for my monster hands. The type is so small too! How do you save images, sign on to AOL, right click and so on? No complaints, it’s so nice to have something that works and is so pretty! I do need to get Word on it though, because the whole reason I bought it was to work on my books, and I can’t until I get Word – and its about $250!

Saturday I had my first signing for the Crafty Diva book. It was a sunny and breezy day and a lot of people came out for it. I did a marble magnet make-n-take project and gave away free posters. We sold all the books in stock, except for one that a lady had me sign, then rode away on her bicycle and didn’t pay for it. Oh well, at least she wanted it enough to risk going to jail for shoplifting. She had a big smile and was very warm and friendly. I hope she puts it to good use. Sunday I had to hop on orders, I’m finishing up some purses for a store in Scottsdale called the Lilypad! Oh! I also painted part of the interior of our house this week too.

The highlight was my venture into tamal making! A national magazine is doing a feature on me learning how to make tamales with my dad. They are running recipes from my dad’s red chili version from scratch and my mom-in-law’s recipe for green chili ones. They asked me to come up with a version too. Something sweet. I searched and found a bunch of recipes but was bummed. I don’t want to use someone else’s recipe! I want to come up with my “masa-less” own. So I invented with what I call “Mucha Mocha Tamales” made with milk chocolate, Mexican chocolate, espresso and walnuts. I’m so proud – they came out so delectable! I did a taste test this morning with our food writers in the newsroom and my tamales passed with flying colors! The story runs in December, I’ll keep you posted! My dad had a cow that I used the words “chocolate” and “tamales” in the same sentence. He is so traditional, but he deserves to be, he is the ultimate master ninja tamale maker of all time.

Also this week my friend Jean Railla re-launched! I’m the Community Craftista over there, the message board moderator. Come say hi! Jean is an expert on “the new domesticity” – and Oprah’s producers recently called her to talk show ideas about this whole new underground wave of cool crafting and hip home ec, etc. It’s about time!

Well I’m off to bed! I just got done making these very nifty soldered glass picture frames and I’m a little burnt. I’ll have directions up this weekend. Now that I can’t do my web site from home I have to go to Kinko’s and do it so it may take a bit longer than usual. Today is my cousin’s baby’s birthday. Her name is Lauren and she is 1! Happy Birthday Lauren!

Ciao for now!

Love & light,

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