Today I accidentally —

…wore my husband’s pants to work!

I had bought a new pair of jeans for myself and set them on the dresser to wear. This morning when I got ready for work, I put on what I thought were my new jeans. I was kinda bummed because when I tried them on in the dressing room at the store, they fit just fine. But today I had to lay on the bed in order to get the zipper up. How could I gain that much weight in a matter of days? Strange…It didn’t click that something was *off* until I was driving to work and noticed my cushy cleavage was practically hitting my chin! Everything was squeezed UP due to the major snugness happening in my lower body.

I got to the office and went in the bathroom and check out the label. As soon as I saw the tag that said Merona, I realized what was up. I got back to my desk and called Patrick. He said they are new jeans his mom bought him, but they are too small so he set them on the dresser. Hey! I’m the only one allowed to set jeans on the dresser! My nalgas are waaay bigger than his, so imagine my eight-hour strife today. I had to sit up as straight as someone wearing a back brace.

In addition, I was starving all day, but couldn’t eat anything in fear of it coming back up. Finally, I cruised by Theresa’s desk and got a slice of pizza and a Krispy Kreme. So bad. That little spontaneous incident sent me over the edge. I had to go to my car and unzip before a something catastrophic like The Day After Tomorrow happened.

Actually, maybe these jeans could make for a good way to lose weight!

What did you accidentally do today? Please share!

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