90 degrees.

Today, it only got up to 90 degrees in the house. I know it sounds crazy, but those five little numbers really make a big difference. My shirt only got soaked under my arms today, rather than my whole back and front…

Remember last night I was wondering about how we were going to transport my 6 ft long altars across town to the NCLR conference in a flat bed truck? I found out how that would work. It was quite the challenging task. We couldn’t fit both altars in the truck, so we took them one at a time. We used a stretchy queen-size sheet to cover them. The first altar had a glittery, flowered mannequin head glued to the top of it as the crowning centerpiece. The whole drive, I crossed my fingers that it would not come flying off the altar and land on some innocent driver’s windshield, frighten them and make them crash. We pulled over once to retape the covering and thank GOD, the altar arrived all in one piece. That’s major props to E6000 glue, I gotta say that! The second altar did just as well.

I was so tingly and proud to see them on display at the Civic Center’s main lobby. I made them interactive, asking women to write down things/people/phrases/experiences that empower them. There were ladies swarmed around both altars writing down their notes and attaching them to the installations. Sweaty glands and all, it was worth the effort!

After we set up the altars, Patrick, DeAngelo and I manned our art booth at the Expo portion of the event. It was so crowded with people (25,000) from all over the country, and there were hundreds of other vendors, many from large corporations. The cherry on top of the whipped cream of the day was when people would come by our booth and look at my La Casa Loca book and saying, “Oh, I have that book!” Then they would look at me and say, “Are you the author? Can I have your autograph?”

So surreal! Most had made a project from the book and more than two people said they had made almost all of the projects. One couple said they used the ideas for their wedding. A lot of folks asked if I would ever do a follow up. What a fab idea, I’m going to mention it to my book editor!

I’m working on the second Crafty Diva title right now, but it looks like I may be doing some more adult crafting titles later this fall for another publishing house. In case you haven’t noticed, I love writng craft books. I love dissecting a theme down to the milimeter, brainstorming ideas and techniques and then envisioning how people will actually try and make these things! However, I’m very determined to get my novel done too – that is my priority right now. After the A/C is fixed that is! Sheesh, all this AND kids AND work. I’m wiping the sweat off my forehead right now, literally!

When we got home, I did actually freeze my sheets. The fitted sheet, top sheet and pillow cases. Not icicle snap-in-half frozen, but chilly, crisp kind of frozen. I folded them up and put them in a plastic bag and let them set for about 40 minutes in the freezer. You think of things like that when the house is 90 degrees inside.

Oh lordy, lordy.

They felt refreshingly cool and yummy when I put them on my bed and jumped in. I rolled around in pure bliss – stretching out my chubby arms and legs to soak up as much coldness as I could. I wanted every part of my skin to experience this moment. I felt like I could have starred in one of those sexy mint gum commercials… But all good things must come to an end. They “warmed” up after only FIVE minutes (sniff!).

Oh well. It’s time for bed and at least that crazy mockingbird hasn’t visited so far. I better hurry and fall asleep before he comes!

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