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Friday was supposed to be the first day of my vacation from work, but wouldn’t you know – Thursday night I came down with a sore throat. By Friday it was a full-fledged case of strep. Thanks to supersized antibiotics, I bounced back quick! Maybe too quick. Patrick and I took the kids to see The Day After Tomorrow. I should have stayed home in bed for one more day. The movie was stinky cheese as opposed to yummy gooey cheese. Not enough excitement at all (or at least for those of us who love people-in-peril flicks). You gotta read Bill Muller’s, our movie reviewer’s storyon it, it cracked me up and all his points were dead on! Here’s what else is going on:

– Today I found out that Patrick and I are going to be profiled on a national TV series for all our cultural artsy endeavors! I got a call from the producer today and we are taping as soon as next week! The camera crew is coming in from New York. I’ll keep you posted as it develops. I don’t want to jinx anything by going into details, but it airs this Fall. I’m so psyched! Note to self: Must refrain from eating anything containing flour and sugar as of this moment, must rip out carpet in family room and finish painting the walls, must redo front lawn….

– Another big thing we are gearing up for is the NCLR conference that is taking place in Phoenix later this month. I’m creating an interactive women’s altar for it and we’ll also have an art booth there as well. It starts Friday June 25 at the Phoenix Civic Plaza.

– Recently I wrote about, a directory of crafty portals – well I found out that is their June Craft Site of the Month!! Thank you CraftPop and Michelle, the crafty web mistress!

– If you are by a magazine rack, check out the summer issue of Venus Magazine that is now on sale. I’m tickled pink because it features Janeane Garofalo, Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys, Shannon Wright, and Tracy + the Plastics and um, ME!

– Patrick and I are going to be in the Arte Caliente exhibit at Chandler Center for the Arts Exhibition Hall, from July 16th, 2004 through August 30th, 2004, as well as the portrait show in July at ReZurrection Gallery. And our wallpaper lines come out in Lowe’s stores in July too.

I’m getting tired just thinking about all this, I better get to bed. I have a 9 a.m. breakfast appt tomorrow! Peace out for now!

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