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The grand finale of this off-kilter day was Ozzy and Bianca, our chihuahuas. Bianca has been in heat and usually Ozzy, who is fixed, just minds his own business. However, for the past few days we’ve been babysitting Patrick’s sister’s dog, an adorable white fluffy Maltese named Jake. Jake is not fixed and is still, errr – was a virgin. Same with Bianca. These past few days have been so stressful because Jake keeps banging Bianca no matter how much we try to keep them separated. She keeps asking for it like a little hootch. Ozzy has been on edge the whole time Jake has been here, feeling like the third wheel.

This evening, I went out back to let the three of them in the house. Jake ran in first. And then Ozzy and Bianca ran in from the yard and hopped through the doggie door – ATTACHED TOGETHER by the butt.

“PAAATTRICKKKKKKKKK……….!!” I screamed. “Come quick! The dogs are tangled up somehow! I can’t figure it out…”

Yes, I’ve had two children, I know how *things* work. But I was honestly clueless. I’ve NEVER seen anything like that before. They looked liked they just escaped the local circus sideshow – The Siamese Chihuahua Twins!

Patrick confirmed my worst fear. Ozzy tried to show up Jake’s manhood by tearing off a piece of his own, but he got stuck. Ozzy and Bianca kept running around the Arizona room and looking at us like, “Don’t watch us, please look the other way”. Patrick shook his head and went back in the art studio. He told me to leave them alone and they would eventually “come undone”.

Instead I laid on the floor to get a closer look. I don’t know what I was thinking I would see. Maya brought me the camera. I considered taking them to the vet, I couldn’t imagine just leaving them alone to figure this out! It was by far the weirdest thing I’ve seen in a long while. I had Maya go get a cup of water and I poured it on top of them. …Mission accomplished – they came apart.

Poor little Bianca. Tomorrow I’m making an appointment with the vet to see if she got knocked up. She is so petite, I don’t know if she can handle carrying Jake’s puppies! Oooo *hands covering ears*, I don’t want to hear what will have to happen if that is the case. Cutie-pie Jake went home tonight and now Bianca can get some much-needed rest!

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