Studio shambles

Oh lordy – we are in quite a fix for this lovely Monday. In preparing for the exciting TV crew to come by, last week Patrick and I decided to empty out our art studio ala Trading Spaces and put everything back in a nice rearranged fashion for the cameras. We wanted America to think we are artistic AND organized. That’s an oxymoron, I hope you know! We got as far as pulling everything out of the studio and sorting it out in the hallway/entry way to our house – where it all stayed until Friday night.

With the crew coming Saturday, we got a clever idea and decided to make it look like our family room is our art studio for our one day of limelight. Yah, that’s the ticket! So. We removed one of the large couches from the family room and put it in the Arizona room outside(it actually looks and feels great out there), and we put a large chair in the bedroom (looks great there too!). Then we pulled out the paint tables from the hallway and set them up in the family room. We shoved the rest of the items in the studio and shut the door real fast. It looks like a fiesta-laden construction zone in there. By the time we were done, it was time for breakfast. Let’s just say I was shopping for last minute tablecloth fabric at the local 24 hour Wal-Mart at 6:30 a.m. By 2 p.m. the camera crew came and went and all was right in our world.

Until today.

With $500. worth of orders to complete this week, our art studio is completely unuseable. It will take at least a week to get in there and redo the whole dang thing. We are in emergency mode right now. For the mean time we are *really* using our mock studio. Tonight we scooted the stock off one of the tables and we all ate dinner on it. The kids thought it was cool. We only have one couch in there now, so family TV viewing hour isn’t exactly cozy.

We can either finish out the week with working in the family room, or delay our orders and redo the art space. *Rubbing temples slowly*Did I mention I have two 4 ft portable altars to build this week too? And stock for an art booth for next weekend?

My confusion has bled over into the kids. Today DeAngelo started pre-high school math camp. I spent all day yesterday plotting out his bus route and plowing through retail stores looking for the right kind of calculator. This morning we sent him on his way only to find out when he got home that I accidently told him the WRONG bus stop to wait at!

He stood on the corner all alone for 20-30 minutes in his brand new South Park T-shirt that blazingly said “I have no idea what is going on”.

Luckily one of his friends on the block was leaving to the class with his mom and they gave DeAngelo a ride. On the way home, the bus dropped him off at a different bus stop than he expected. More drama. He was so confused as to where to go, thank God another friend came by and pointed him in the right direction.

One last stress pimple ready to pop? I tried to darken my hair (dark red) to its normal color (dark brown) this weekend, but the Loreal Dark Ash Brown #4A came out more like Home Girl Black. No wonder I downed a couple of glasses of wine tonight! I’m going to go crash for now and figure this all out tomorrow. That is after I get home from work and then after Maya’s softball game…

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