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Tonight Maya and I went to a sneak peek of The Notebook. We LOVED it – although I had to cover little Maya’s eyes on a couple of scenes. Anyway – the funniest thing happened!

While crying during one of the most touching, sentimental tear-jerking climactic moments, I whispered in Maya’s ear “Listen to all the people sniffling”. As soon as I said that, we tuned in and heard them coming from every angle. Some people were outright sobbing and letting out deep, shaky breaths of emotion. Maya covered her mouth and burst into a hysterical fit of silent giggles. Then I followed in the same fashion, except I was also crying from the scenes on the screen. I covered my eyes with one hand and tried to think of serious things.

Piles of dirty laundry and dog poop popped in my head. ????

I had to focus on things like this to help me keep my composure during this lovely film. Plus, I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself or worse – get popcorn thrown at my head! I had such a hard time chilling out that the girl sitting next to me kept turning her head to look at me. She couldn’t tell if I was sobbing or laughing. “A little of both” I told her when she finally did ask when the lights came up.

Maya and I left the movie house and went to the bathroom. All the ladies from the screening were in there too. They were washing their faces and wiping their tears. They all had red eyes and their make up was worn off. They were laughing too after seeing everyone else cry. BTW – it was based on the novel by Nicolas Sparks who also wrote A Walk to Remember. I loved that one too!

What a roller coaster of a Saturday night! My stomach still aches from the extreme giggling and I’m exhausted from the floods of tears that came out. The Notebook is a chick flick if there ever was one.

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