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Talk about bustin’ a move…This weekend we cranked out 12 bracelets, 12 necklaces, 6 jewelry boxes and 12 small boxes for the Phx Art Museum order that is due Friday. Unfortunately, all that stock we made is not even 1/4 of the total order. It’s a heck of a lot of handmade manufacturing, but it is certainly worth it for this show. On Saturday, we’ll be at ReZurrection Gallery for our opening for The Portrait Show. AND we cleaned out the garage! In between all that we managed to have a BBQ on Sunday evening. It feels so exhilarating to complete so many tasks in one short period of time.

Tomorrow DeAngelo gets his permanent cast on. Did you know they come in different colors these days? There is glow-in-the-dark, black (to use Sharpie Metallic markers) and every other color you can think of. DeAngelo has chosen bright green. Wonder where he gets that from?

Also tomorrow – gulp. I’m going to try once AGAIN to get back on a healthy eating lifestyle. Notice how I’ve hardly mentioned food here lately? I didn’t want anyone to know I was being a bad girl. My motivation came when I was cleaning out some cabinets today and came across some “skinny” pictures from back in the day. That was a time when I used to pride myself on how tight I could wear my dresses and how high of heels I could walk in. I always wavered around size 10 and was totally happy with my bod. There was even a period for about three months when I could actually wear size 7/8 clothing. SINGLE digits! I remember being at the mall and finally getting what the store “5-7-9” stood for. I even got to go in and shop! Geez, What happened over the years? Not that I want to be that person again, but lordy I became a different, more lax person after getting married and having kids. Don’t we all? I think the real damage hit when I started working at the paper and experienced office life (food table, social lunches, coffee breaks, etc).

Last year at this time I was down 30 pounds that I worked so hard to burn off. I went from a size 22 to an 18.

Dreamy sigh while longingly gazing up at sky

But then when my mom got sick and was hospitalized for three weeks over the holidays, I let it all go with the help of a 24 hour hospital cafeteria. There’s a few other reason I fell off the band wagon too. As of today, I’ve gained 15 pounds back. And I can sure tell the difference when it comes to walking, getting up, my energy level, not to mention clothing! I refuse to buy new, bigger clothes so now I’m stuck with like, three outfits? And I knew this moment would come. I avoided the scale as much as I avoided the nutritional labels on the food I bought at the grocery store. Plus, I got so sick of Atkins! The real blow came a couple weeks ago when Theresa made some cupcakes. My Nana was there and she said “Ummmm, Theresa makes the BEST cupcakes EVER! Oh – Kathy, don’t eat any cupcakes now, we’re watching our figure, right?”

I don’t know how I’m going to do it, maybe just be sensible and cut out bread and desserts. which have become my two main food groups lately. I do need a game plan though. My trouble arrives in the morning when I think I’m going to start Atkins again, so I have bacon and eggs and coffee with heavy cream. Then, by lunch I forget and have a juicy hamburger…It’s like I’m just helping myself to gain weight instead of the opposite!

If I finished all these other challenging tasks, I have to be able to handle this! I’m going to go look thru my dresser right now for my exercise clothes for tomorrow. Oh darn! DeAngelo’s doctor’s appt! OK, Wednesday then. And a hot link to-go for tonight…I’m kidding already!

Here’s the pictures I found from long ago. Look ma! No double chin, you can actually see my jaw line! OH! Does anyone out there know of a good plan I can start on? I want to start from scratch! Thanks!

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