Free at last!

There is nothing more refreshing than signing off from your computer at work and knowing you won’t be back for a while. I’m off from work all next week and I plan to make the most of it. I want to savor every minute of every day by changing the cooking, cleaning, going to get a pedicure, move around the furniture in my bedroom and oh yah! Spending lots of time with the kids. OK, and making cool stuff too…

I’m still making projects for the next Crafty Diva book. The trouble is that I’ll make something and then look at it and come up with an even *better* idea. I just want everything to be fresh and new when these little girls go to read it. The projects so far are killa to the bone – lots of easy, clever things with bright colors and fabrics.

Bianca, our 2-year old Chihuahua, is pregnant from Jake and the Puppy Love Fest they encountered last month. We are very excited and have been giving Bianca the Hollywood treatment!

Last night DeAngelo was teasing me about being too conservative. Today I convinced him that I had a tattoo of a skull with flaming eyes on my lower back just to throw him off. I didn’t even have to wink at Patrick and Maya – they played right along. I bluffed him by asking if he wanted to see it. “NO!” he said. It really freaked him out. That’ll teach him for messing with me!

Movies – here are some of my stories
John Cho & Kal Penn of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
Here’s a review of it
Mimi Rogers of Door in the Floor

I saw The Village and was really let down.

I’m off to bed, be back soon…

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