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This week was a long one. After surviving the crazy day in the E.R., DeAngelo came home to a whole new world. It’s like he is a little toddler all over again – we have to ties his shoelaces, help him bathe, help him dress…He returned to school on Thursday to take his final exam. It took him two days to finish because he had such a hard time writing with his left hand. People keep asking him, “How can you break your arm at math camp?”

He has been showered with gifts and phone calls, everyone has been so great and supportive. Things have been so hectic that that I don’t think I even had time to put any mascara on or do my hair this week. I look like Homeless Mom. Thank God my mom-in-law came every day to help with laundry and stuff.

This whole broken arm thing has been harder on Maya than anyone else. She is used to being the one who gets sick and needs attention. She always has two Ace banadages ready for wrapping and she even has a little bell by her bed that uses to fetch us commoners (she got the idea from watching Cinderella). So seeing the usually low-key DeAngelo be in the limelight all week has made her moody at times. She does however, wait on him like a servant, without us having to tell her. She is a kind soul at heart. She also kind enough to lend DeAngelo her coveted little bell that she made out of a miniature upside down flower pot. She keeps it on her nightstand, within an arm’s reach from her bed – you know in case of any emergency accidents?

I heard when she offered it to her big bro:

“OK DeAngelo, I’m gonna let you use my bell. Ring it when you need something and someone will come over to help.”

And she bent down close to his face, tilted her hand by her mouth and whispered, “Or when you just feel like annoying them!” (stream of maniacal giggles)

DeAngelo told her he didn’t want the bell.

This weekend the kids are at my sisters, Patrick has a gig tonight and I’m diving head first into a huge order we got from the Phoenix Art Museum. They are hosting a show called Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art that opens next week. It’s the largest collection of Mexican Folk Art in the country. The works are fabulous! If you are in the area, you MUST try and check it out. It took my breath away to say the least.

Real quick, before I go paint – I want to share this creepy story. The buyer of the museum gave me a tour of the show when we had our inventory meeting. He said he has an inventory list of the Mexican merchandise he ordered that fills up 200 pages. When he was printing them all out, one of the pages had little crucifixes all the way down in the spots where the prices should be. He thought it was a weird malfunction by his computer. Curious, he looked at the item list on the sheet. It happened to be all of the devil masks he had ordered! Ewww… I got goosebumps when he told me that. The whole staff saw it too and they were pretty shaken up.

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