A new book deal!

I’m sooo bummed! It’s already Thursday night and I didn’t finish ANY of the items on my to-do list this week. Instead of completing one task at a time I went through a did a little bit of each. I’m normally not like that at all but I think the excitement of having a week off of work did silly things to my brain.

A big part of the excitement is that I got an offer from Rayo, an imprint of Harper Collins for a book deal on Wednesday morning. I just about fell out of my chair when I got the news. Talk about a crazy dream coming TRUE!! This is definately a *huge* step up the national crafty ladder and I can feel that more good things are on the way. I would like to personally toast a champagne glass of sparkly confetti to the wonderful ladies Laurie Notaro, Jean Railla and Marcela Landres who coached me on! And of course the awesome staff over at William Morris! No wonder they have such a good reputation! Not to mention the A+ book editor at HC that made the offer and Patrick, who rubbed my back Tuesday night to put me to sleep when I was ready to toss away my glue guns forever because I thought this wasn’t going to happen.

I was told last week I would have some news by last Friday afternoon, but it didn’t come. This week came and since I was on vacation, I didn’t know what method my agent would use to contact me. I swear I checked my work AND home email, plus BOTH phone messages every 10-15 minutes on Monday. No news. And Tuesday. Nada. Seriously. I went to bed so stressed and depressed that a chunky hunk of chocolate pudding cake couldn’t even calm my nerves (hence the backrub). When it came time to say my prayers ang go to bed, I did something different. Instead of sayng “PLEASE! You must make this deal come through tomorrow or I’ll die of an ulcer…” I said “OK, I give. It’s out of my hands. Whatever happens, happens…”

Wednesday morning I woke up to check my work voicemail to see if anyone responded to a story I did (I’m weird like that). There was THE message I had been waiting for. Chalk it up to another case of “when you least expect it, expect it.” I tell my sister that all the time about finding a boyfriend, I have to remind her again!

I learned that doing a book proposal for a major trade is way different than the previous ones I’ve done. A lot more specifics and research go into it. It was 30 pages long! A couple weeks ago, I stayed up until 3 am (when I would normally be posting here) many nights in a row reworking and rewriting. Somehow I still managed to make it into work by 7:30 am – minus a tamed hairdo and mascara – but I made it in. I’ll keep you posted as it all develops. Oh! This was the big secret I had mentioned a while back! I was scared to say anything because I didn’t want to jinx it. You know how that goes…

Also on Wednesday I had a photo shoot scheduled for the finished Crafty Diva projects. Still in giddy overdrive, I hauled a bunch of stuff over to John’s (the photog) studio only to discover that I left half of the goods at home. And I forgot the background paper and had to rush and buy some. And THEN I broke one of his glass vintage drink coasters. It was a shaky session but we got a lot done. This is my favorite part of the whole book process – seeing the final pictures. John is so snappy with his shots that he makes each item look as though it’s been pulled off a page from US Weekly. I still have about 15 projects to assemble (sigh.) that I was hoping to be done by today….No complaints here. Overall Wednesday was as golden as the wrapper on a Wonka bar. And yes, I will be making a scrapbook spread about it!
Kathy 🙂

Love & light,

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