Marathon writing session

I’ve been writing non-stop since 7:30 am this morning. I’m going to go until midnight. Patrick’s mom has the kids so I won’t have to worry about making food or breaking up loud, thumpy wrestling matches in the hallway. I’ve gotten a lot done, but I’ve had a lot of starts and stops too.

– I ate chips and dip twice today
– I surfed around for more info on the band, 5,6,7,8’s, just because
– I played with the puppies for a little bit (eyes still not open yet)
– I found and squeezed a pimple on my chin (TMI, sorry!)
– I put new sheets on my bed
– I heated up chocolate chips in the microwave and dipped ruffles in them and ate them
– I used the new $200 toothbrush the dentist gave me for the first time, very nice!
– I changed my chair three times and *almost* went shopping for this new office recliner with glittered vinyl but Patrick stopped me
– I decided to stop by here and say hi!

In spite of all of this, I really am working hard. I have a deadline on Wednesday and I have to finish everything up this weekend. It is taking much longer than I thought! Especially with so many interruptions.

Tomorrow I speak at the Latino Book Festival. I asked for a 10 am time so I could slip in and slip out when the place was empty. Didn’t work! Not only did they give me a prime time hour of 1 pm, but they also put a huge color picture of me in the brochure! It’s a super hammy picture too. Oh geez. I still need to write my speech just in case anyone shows up. Usually I’m sandwiched between some hardcore critically acclaimed Hispanic lit people like the wonderful Stella Pope Duarte. She always gives such empowering tear-filled speeches about how her deceased father told her in a dream that she was meant to be a writer. She lived up to that dream and is now writing her second novel for Harper Collins and has won all kinds of national writing awards.

How do I follow that? So next, I go up – “Hello! It’s time for some looooca crafts!!!”…
But I think I’ll be ok. Crafts and all, I’m doing pretty well, I have no complaints. I have some Harper Collins books coming up too and this week I got invited to do a whole bunch of segments for the DIY Network. I go to Los Angeles in October for taping. That is, if nothing changes and that they like all my projects. One of the producers also invited Maya to come and show kid crafts. She sure is getting an early jump on all this. I hope her craftiness continues to grow!

The national TV thing has me heading out to comb the stores tomorrow after my speech. I need to get new work-out clothes because I’ve promised my Aztec Warrior Angels that I’m going to sweat it up in the company gym again.


The new set of gym clothes I bought the last time I got the exercise bug, are now my full-time paint clothes. Except the pants. They are made of thick old-lady polyester (which these days are only found in plus-sized attire, so rude!) and when I wore them on the treadmill for one week, they just about ignited into flames between my thighs. I could have been the one to start the fire for my team on Survivor. I swear to God, I had two burn marks on my tender skin! So I’m going for 100% cotton this time…

OK, I’m going back into Word. Ciao for now!!
Kathy 🙂

Love & light,

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