Tamal tribulations

Last October I posted an entry on the Tamales Showdown I happily go through every year around the holidays. Basically my dad, my mom-in-law and my uncle all make huge amounts of tamales and then lovingly and subconsciously challenge all us kids to a taste off.

Well, our annual lard-laden affair is being documented by a very well known national magazine for the upcoming holiday issue. All year I’ve been working with the very friendly editor to make sure it all goes as smooth and memorable as possible. The star of the affair is my dad. For decades he has been making 20-30 dozen tamales every Christmas. It takes him 3-4 days with little sleep. He grinds the corn, uses two kinds of meat that he cooks separately, he makes the chili from scratch, etc. It’s a lotta work.

After the entire event is done and over with and printed, I’ll share all the funny moments my family and I went through. But for now all I can say is that the day has finally come. The photog and stylist are coming out tomorrow to make all the food and table setting preparations. The stylist will be making my dad’s recipe under his strict supervision. Yes, we will have the camcorders rolling! Everyone so far has been very upbeat and happy, I’m really looking forward to the experience. In addition to my dad and mom-in-law’s recipes that are being printed, I even got to contribute one!

First thing in the morning I have to take DeAngelo to his arm doctor’s appt and then we’re heading over to my brothers (where the shoot is) for day one of this grand shebang. Picture day is Saturday. They want to shoot outside on the patio, but I don’t think they are, um, too familiar with 108 degree weather. One casual lean against the copper-trimmed patio table and we’ll be off to the emergency room burn center. And because it is supposed to be December when it comes out, we all have to dress in winter clothing (light sweaters is Arizona style) for the pictures. We shall see.
To be continued…

P.S. I’m sorry, I wanted this post to be juicier. I’m just too sleepy to get all elaborate about it right now! Since we are talking tamales, check out this adorable children’s book, Too Many Tamales about a little girl who loses her ring in the masa and then has to eat a whole gob of them to find it…

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