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I can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday!

My favorite moment of the week was the arrival “official” last day of summer. Mother Nature actually honored this custom by bringing the temperatures down from the triple digits to a cool and breezy 95! Anything lower than 100 is pure bliss when you live in Arizona. Last night I stepped outside around 10 pm and I think I actually felt a chill. I came in and turned off the air conditioning and opened all the windows. By morning, I had to turn it back on before anyone noticed. Wishful thinking I guess.

Also this week I locked myself back in TV world. Monster House, Oprah, Carol Duvall, Surreal Life, American’s Next Top Model, The Apprentice and Survivor are my weaknesses. And The Amazing Race! I was so sad to see it come to an end, but so happy that my favorite team (after Charla and Mirna), Chip and Kim won! Don’t think bad of me, I always make sure i’m productive while I’m watching, I don’t just plop on the couch, ya know!

Another monumental event took place in the past few days. I whacked my hair off! Remember my previous posts about people writing me letters saying my hair was too big or that I need to do something with it? I pretty much blew them off, but I wanted a change. So I did it with my own free will. Next month I’m filming these DIY channel thingys and I wanted to look at least a little bit polished. My efforts of shaving off 30 pounds fail each day when I get home from work to find Patrick working up a fabulous meal (or ordering pizza and wings), so at least I can makeover my hair, right? Here’s a special hug to Richard Rodriguez from Fun-Do Hair Studio for holding my hand while I agreed to accept this mission!

The puppies are growing cuter by the minute. Che is spotted white and tan, and has long white hair. Cha Cha is tiny and cream colored and is a classic baby Chihuahua. Dori is a fluffy snow white ball of fur. Hang on while I go take a peek at them… OK, I’m back. Their teeth are cutting through and all they want to do is lick our faces. The down side: The other night we got word that my sister-in-law is coming over this weekend to pick out her puppy. Deep breath. Maya started crying her eyes out and it looked like DeAngelo was about to also! We all thought about keeping all three of them – totally five pooches in our house – but my friend Laurie said that would make us the “even weirder” family. “The family with a herd of dogs”. I can’t even begin to think about giving them away. So painful. Must change subject.

My posts are going to be less frequent soon – October is, by far, our busiest month of the season. When I’m not working at my day job I have have to help Patrick churn out hundreds of pieces of art for our various events happening Oct 1st through mid-November. I have at least one chapter due of my novel for my writing group in a couple weeks, I hope I can find time to just sit down and do it! Oh! That reminds me! Alisa Valdes Rodriguez is going to be at Changing Hands Bookstore Monday night. She is the author of Playing with Boys (too tired to post the link, sorry…) and I can hardly wait to go see her! If you are in the area, come check her out too! She is hilarious!

Last but not least, I’m going to keep Ask Crafty Chica up and running. I recieved 46 replies asking me to keep it going!! Thank you for that 🙂

Ok, take it squeezy for now!

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