Falling trees, a good read and tight jean.

This week I noticed a few changes with Blogger. I like them! No more ads at the top. Now there is a search bar, so you can type in “Nana” or any other curious word or phrase and it finds it in my blog. Pretty cool! I also like the “Next Blog” feature to the right. Like I really have time to kill these days to go and search other people’s blogs!

I’m so stressed today! I think one of our huge trees in the back yard is about to topple over. We already had our tree in the front yard fall over last year. Luckily it fell across the front porch and nothing was damaged. This time around, the tree looks like it will fall in our neighbor’s yard, smashing the fence and all. We have been getting estimates all day. I hope its strained oversized weak-ass roots hold on to the Earth at least until Tuesday when we are getting it trimmed or possibly removed. Why do we have to be the family with the huge falling trees? I don’t see anyone else in the hood with their trees falling over. And I never saw any growing up. We are watering it and follwoing all the directions. The tree guy said desert trees (like the ones we have) have shallow roots. So maybe it isn’t our fault. But still, two falling trees within a year? We’re always the weird family, every where we go.

Right now I’m reading Alisa Valdes Rodriguez’s new novel Playing with Boys. It’s sooo good! If you are an all-american Latina, you have got to check it out. It is so funny and right-on. I’m only on the second chapter because I can only read when I’m cooking or folding laundry or waiting in the car for something. Regardless, I love it! I think I’ll do laundry all day Monday so I can get to read more of it! She’s coming out here for a signing at the end of the month and I plan to go!

I got oodles of gorgeous beads and made sample pieces for a jewelry making show on the DIY Network. If all goes well, I’ll be taping the segments next month in Los Angeles. Last night I wanted to get organized and inspired so I grabbed my sketchbook and favorite pen and headed for Barnes and Noble for some serious productive quiet time. I’ve been eating less lately to try and slim down a bit for the show. So I wore my tight jeans, the ones that cut into my waist, to discourage me from chowing. I walked into Barnes and Noble and BAM! – the smell of fresh baked goods was floating through the air. Damn it! Without blinking an eye, I made a bee-line to the cafe counter.

“What is that smell?”, I asked very innocently.

“Hmm, let’s see,” said the girl, as she opened the door to the oven. “We have a tray of chocolate chip cookies, would you like one?”

“Yes, please!, and a cappuccino!”

I set all my junk down a tiny table and ate my cookie and drank my coffee. My pants became unbearable and I had to bolt for home. I was so depressed! Today my craft column was on Sarah Jessica Parker’s new jeans in the Gap ad and at the bottom I put how I wish I had her bod. I didn’t even give it a second thought. Around lunchtime I checked my work voice mail (I always do that to to hear repsonse from the column) and TWO people called to tell me that I’m perfect just the way I am. Only they said it much nicer, but I’m too embarrassed to repeat what they said, it was so nice. My dear friend Laurie gave me a pep talk too today, and it really changed my mood for the better. All is fine. Next time if I have on my tight jeans and I’m trying to lose weight for a national TV show and I walk into a Barnes and Noble and if it smells like warm cookies, I’ll just turn around and leave.

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