Ready, Set, GO!

Those are the words in my head each morning when I wake up.

September-December is the biggest time of the year for Patrick and I with our art. It starts with Hispanic Heritage Month, goes into Dia de Los Muertos, followed by Spanish Market and then topped off with Christmas. We work non-stop around the clock, but I don’t care, I LOVE the season. Even if it is still hotter than Hades outside (106 degrees). I’m doing my best to ignore that these days. Yes, my hands get seared from attaching the silver seat belt everytime I return to my car after it has been the sun for hours. But I have convinced myself that because it is September, it can’t be anything but gorgeous outside. …And then I cuss because my hands sting from the pain of a 1st degree burn.

Back to the season – usually our shows don’t start until the end of October, but this year the first one is Oct. 1st! We are booked solid with book events through this site the middle of November. The orders from our web site are already flowing in like crazy, plus wholesale orders, stock for art booths – and the usual dinner, laundry, kid’s homework, etc. I’m amazed we always find a way to get everything done!

This year is the heaviest yet. While all this is going on, I’m finishing up any loose ends for the second Crafty Diva title, starting the Harper Collins lifestyle/art book that is due in February, plus chomping away on my first feature novel. To do that even better I joined a fabulous writer’s group with some of the most talented people I know. I love them so much and I look forward to the meetings all month. Next time it is my turn to turn in chapters to be critiqued (sweat drips from forehead as I chew on fingernails). I’m more nervous than a bad singer on a kareoke stage. I wonder if I can really “do” this. At least I officially got confirmed for a segment on a show on the DIY Network! I’ll find out next week if I’m doing more segments too! Next month I’ll be in Los Angeles for a few days for the taping.

Today was the birth of something magical and gi-normous. No, not more puppies! (They grow more adorable every minute, by the way) i’m talking about the Phoenix Fridas! In the spirit of the Austin Craft Mafia and Portland Super Crafty, a few of us artsy AZ chicas have united our forces under one glittery, shiny umbrella. Most of us met today to get it going and left very inspired and motivated. Stay tuned for a new Phoenix Fridas web site and local events we’ll be organizing. We are going to rock the party, just wait and see!

Oh! My sister Theresa started a blog, check it out!!! Leave her a comment to encourage her to keep it going!

Love & light,

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