Sad news from the puppy world; other stuff

This month is going to be ultra crazy. We have art shows every single weekend and after the 15th, two shows per weekend, plus orders from the web sites, wholesale accounts, work, laundry, kids homework and a meal plan for dinner every night. Oh man, I just realized it is still September! I still have a head start.

Today was a very sad day. you know how Bianca, our chihuahua, had the beautiful little puppies five weeks ago from her one-weekend stand with Jake, my sister-in-law’s maltese? Well this weekend, little Jakey got severely ill and passed away this morning. My sister-in-law, Stacey was devastated. She and her husband piad out the butt to try and save him but nothing worked. He was their little baby and they were in tears all day long, still i n shock because it happened so fast. Stacey is pregant with their first child and everyone was so worried abouther getting too worked up. So tonight Maya and I traveled across town to show her Jake’s babies. She loved them and I could see that it really lifted her spirits to see the little “presents’ Jake left behind for her. Of course, she is going to take one of them!

Last week I got my hair cut, short! I like it a lot and have recieved so many nice compliments. Except from the people who I thought would be the first to say something nice (artist and music friends). They are the ones who think I’ve sold out just because I blow dried it straight. It’s just hair, people! It can grow back anyway I like. After having the same fluffy ‘do for a decade I really needed a change. I think it’s a good idea to do daring little things whenever you can. I really owe this change to Richard Rodriguez for making me give it a try!

Off to bed, so sleepy. Work is just so busy these days., That reminds me! Here are some of my recent feature stories: Simon Pegg from Shaun of the Dead and Gael Garcia Bernal from Motorcycle Diaries.

…On second thought, I’ll post them later. I need to go to bed. I have my TV segment tomorrow. I got the brainy idea to make a tote bag from a cool-looking shower curtain and the needle broke on my machine (why do I do things the night before?). So after coming back from Stacey’s at 9:30 pm, I had to sit up and hand sew the whole dang thing! At least it was worth it, it looks really great!

One more thing! Check out the new show on HGTV, Crafters Coast to Coast, it comes out at 11 am PT every day. I LOVE all the segments, so cool!!! Today they had artists from Austin, New Orleans and one other place I can’t remember.

Ack! One more thing! Wait. I’ll get to it later. I’m signing off for now. Adios!

Don’t forget to take a small risk today!

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