Hollywood: The Aftermath!

I came in the room right now to get hangers because I’m juggling doing 15 loads of laundry this lovely evening while getting (and making) stuff together for our altar installation tomorrow at Vision Gallery. Before I get the hangers I have to whine.
About men.
About MY men.

Maya and I were gone for only four days and now that the afterglow of our exciting action-packed weekend has subsided, I’m horrified at the condition of the house. Patrick and DeAngelo must have had made friends with a magician this weekend that happily removed their limbs. Can you believe neither one of them took the time to:

A. Throw the trash (or even remove it from the kitchen counters).
B. Take the puppies outside to poop.
C. Wash a single solitary dish that they got dirty.
D. Put the dirty clothes in the hamper.

You chose E, right? Bingo! Tonight I had everyone popping around on their toes in sheer fear because Mommy had a meltdown. I morphed into a merciless PMS-ing Cruella DeVill. I clapped my hands in their faces (“Chop CHOP, God damn it! Clean this mess up NOW!!”) and screamed until all three of their butts were in gear scrubbing harder than Little Orphan Annie on Metabolife.

It’s 10 pm, I have to be into work by 7 am so I can leave at 3 pm to go across town before rush hour traffic so we can set up this art installion by 9 pm. Which reminds me. I better get back in the studio. Oh jeez, I just realized I still have manuscript revisions to complete tonight as well as a fellowship questionnaire. Must go until at least 2:30 am, and then STOP, no matter what. OK, going to make some espresso, ditch the laundry after this last batch of kids clothes and then head back into the studio. I could sure use a big hunk of my friend Robrt’s chocolate fudge cake right about now…

Wait, why the heck did I come in the room again? Oh yah! Hangers!

P.S. Follow up – I don’t mean to diss my men. gotta love ’em. All is well now, house is nice and tidy again!
peace, respect & glitter.
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Love & light,

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