Multitasking my multi tasks

On Saturday we leave for Los Angeles to tape the TV crafting segments for the DIY Network’s DIY Jewelry Making. I’m so excited because I’ll get to meet the fabulously talented Jackie Guerra. She is an actress, writer, stand-up comedian and best of all – a crafter!! I’m hustling on wrapping up orders this week so I can make her a gift box full of artsy things. I didn’t even lose one pound (when I first got invited months ago, I vowed to be down 30 pounds by now), but I did get a hair makeover. Maya and I are practicing our segments over and over to make sure we get it right. We tape on Monday and Tuesday, but are going a couple days early to vibe up and have fun.

Another exciting event this week is that I was invited to be the guest moderator for the Latinas in Literature portion of the Hispanic Women’s Conference this year. 1,500 ladies! I’ve always wanted to be a guest speaker there, at least I’m one nudge closer!

This weekend I carved eight pumpkins, made about 40 pieces of art for an order that needed to be delivered on Sunday, did a “make and take” craft for the Latino Film Festival, went to a friend’s wedding and a family birthday party. I also managed to make pancakes with the kids and clean the kitchen. By Sunday night I felt like I wanted to cry, knowing I had to go into work the next day. I’m so tired my big toe even throbs. I wonder what it feels like to have one clear sun-shiny day with nothing to do but roll around in the grass at the park. I’m a workaholic, I’ll admit it. I really have to focus in on what exactly it is that I’m working towards. The big picture? I know what it is, but I’m having a hard time saying it because it sounds too far fetched. So instead I’m going to write it down on a piece of paper to keep it in the forefront of all my decisions.

I’m still pulling late nighters, except yesterday I felt like I was coming down with a cold, so tonight I’m hitting the sack early. I did manage to get out about six orders by the end of the local newscast. I closed up shop when I accidently applied glue stick to my lips instead of Chap Stick (happens every so often). This year has been our busiest yet, the orders are coming in like crazy. We have run out of a month’s supply of boxes and packing material already and it’s only Oct. 11th. I have to remember this for next year…Maybe think about raising our prices at that time.

Oh well, have a great day everyone, sorry these posts are so thin these days!

Love & light,

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